WOW Skin Science Anti Acne Face Serum – Natural Neem Leaf Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Caviar Lime Fruit Extract – Spot Therapy – No Parabens, Silicones & Fragrance – 30ml

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Price: ₹ 599.00
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Help your skin fight acne flare-up and be radiant with WOW Skin Science Anti Acne Face Serum. This high-active, concentrated serum delivers the benefits of Neem Leaf Oil that purifies and protects skin; Tea Tree Oil that balances sebum; Caviar Lime Fruit Extract an AHA that exfoliates and brightens skin; Dextran (and) Tripeptide-1, skin renewing actives that stimulate collagen and improve skin elasticity. The serum helps to reduce acne breakout and fade scars and spots. It calms redness and skin irritations. It assists in purifying skin and minimizing pores. The peptides in the serum repair the skin and enhance collagen and elastin production. They boost the skin renewal process that improves the skin texture and appearance. Neem leaf oil and tea tree oil support in protecting the skin from irritations and redness. Neem leaf oil helps to repair skin damage caused due to environmental exposure and supports skin renewal process. Tea tree oil helps to control excess sebum and balance skin. It helps to clarify skin, tone pores and gives skin a smooth appearance. The serum has caviar lime fruit extract that gently exfoliates layer of dead skin extract that supports skin hydration and helps in restoring skin’s moisture barrier. The serum helps in the skin renewal process and moisturization. It also supports the collagen structure of the skin which improves skin texture and appearance. Ideal for skin with acne spots, scars and oily, patchy skin tone. Results may vary depending on your skin condition. Complexion smoothing serum to improve acne-prone skin. Help revive your dull, acne-prone skin with WOW Skin Science Anti-Acne Face Serum. Infused with potent peptides and other natural actives this serum helps to fade pigmentation, purify skin and balance acne-prone skin

The serum helps to smooth out acne spots and pits. It helps to improve skin texture and appearance giving it a fresh and bright look.
The natural actives in the serum help to diminish scars and spots and even out the complexion. Your skin looks bright, with a dewy glow and feels soft to the touch.
The serum supports in boosting collagen structure and improve elasticity of the skin, so that your skin is supple and firm to the touch.
It controls excess sebum on the skin and improves skin renewal process. It helps to minimize acne scars and pits, giving skin a smooth texture.
The serum is made in the Himalayas. It is 100% vegan, gluten-free. It contains No Silicones, Mineral Oil, and Parabens.

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