Why is My TikTok Video Not Showing up For Others? Check the details

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TikTok’s servers can’t always handle all videos because of excessive traffic. If your video slips into that category, this issue may arise. This problem can also occur if your phone has internet access issues while uploading your content. Most scattered issues can be identified by checking theTikTok server status.

Before we explore avenues to resolve your TikTok issue, let’s see the TikTok growth tools that will help you grow your TikTok.

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Now, let’s try to uncover why your TikTok videos are not showing up.

Potential Causes For Why TikTok Video Is Not Showing up For Others

There could be a few potential reasons why your TikTok video is not showing up for others:

Make sure that you have actually posted the video and that it has been uploaded successfully. Sometimes, the video may appear to be uploaded, but it might have yet to be published due to a technical issue or connectivity problems.

Only your followers can see your videos if your account is private. Ensure that your account is set to public if you want your videos to be seen by a wider audience.

TikTok has community guidelines that users must follow, and if your video goes against these guidelines, it may be flagged and removed. Check to see if your video has been flagged or removed by TikTok.

  • Are You Using The Right Hashtags?

Using relevant hashtags in your video’s caption can help a wider audience discover your video. Make sure that you are using relevant and appropriate hashtags for your video.

  • Has It Been Shadowbanned?

TikTok may shadowban users who violate its community guidelines or spam the social media platforms with low-quality content. If your video has been shadowbanned, it may only show up for some. You can contact TikTok support to find out if this is the case.

  • Do You Have Adequate Wi-Fi Or Internet Connectivity?

If your internet connection is poor, your TikTok video may not upload, and you may receive an error message stating that the upload has failed. In this case, you must improve your internet connection before uploading the video again. A weak internet connection may result in videos not uploading properly or appearing blank for other users.

  • Delete The Cache On TikTok

Deleting theTikTok cache means clearing out the temporary files saved on your device while using the app. These files include images, videos, and other data downloaded to your device to help the app run more smoothly and quickly.

Clearing the cache on TikTok can help to improve the app’s performance, as it frees up storage space and can prevent the app from becoming bogged down with unnecessary files.

  • Not Updating The TikTok App To The Latest Version

Not updating the TikTok app to the latest version may affect the visibility of your TikTok video to others. This is because updates to the app often include bug fixes and improvements that can help the app run more smoothly and fix issues that may have been affecting your ability to upload or share videos.

  • Way To Make Your TikTok Video To Be Showing Up For Others

Regularly posting videos on TikTok can help you build an audience and engage your existing followers. Ensure you post high-quality, engaging content regularly to keep your viewers interested.If your video isn’t showing up in your TikTok account, it could be due to any of the above-mentioned issues. Don’t worry if you encounter this issue; instead, follow the solutions outlined below. Hopefully, you will resolve your video not displaying the TikTok issue quickly.

  • The Use Of Copyrighted Content In The Videos Should Be Avoided

Using copyrighted content in TikTok videos without permission or a proper license can result in copyright infringement. TikTok has strict policies against copyright infringement and can remove videos that violate these policies.

If a copyright owner discovers that their copyrighted material is being used without permission, they can file a complaint with TikTok, and the video may be removed. To avoid copyright infringement on TikTok, you should use only content you have created or the right to use.

  • Avoid Posting Videos With Violent And Aggressive Content

Posting violent or aggressive content can lead to your videos being removed from TikTok, harming your reputation and negatively affecting your audience engagement. TikTok’s users are more likely to engage with positive and entertaining content that does not contain any harmful or aggressive messages.

Therefore, it is important to always think about the impact of your content before posting it on TikTok. You should ensure that your videos promote positivity and are free of any violent or aggressive content. Creating positive and entertaining content can build a loyal following and increase your audience engagement on TikTok.

  • Avoid Posting Videos With Explicit Content

TikTok’s users are more likely to engage with positive and entertaining content that does not contain any inappropriate or offensive messages. Therefore, it is important to always think about the impact of your content before posting it on TikTok.

TikTok has community guidelines prohibiting explicit content, including content containing nudity, sexual activities, or other sexually suggestive content. You should ensure that your videos are appropriate for all audiences and do not contain any explicit or offensive content.

Creating positive and entertaining content can build a loyal following and increase your audience engagement on TikTok.

  • Violating Community Guidelines And Rules Should Be Avoided

TikTok has strict policies and rules that prohibit various behaviours and content. TikTok prohibits content that promotes hate speech, discrimination, or bullying based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and more.

TikTok prohibits content intended to harass, bully, or intimidate other users. TikTok prohibits content that promotes dangerous or harmful activities, such as self-harm, drug abuse, or violence. TikTok prohibits the use of copyrighted content without proper permission or license.

Violating any of these rules can result in your videos being removed from TikTok, your account being suspended or banned, and other consequences. Therefore, following the community guidelines and rules while posting TikTok videos is important to ensure your content is appropriate and does not harm others.

  • Have A Reliable Online Connection

TikTok has strict policies on the quality of videos that can be uploaded. If the quality of your video is low due to anunstable internet connection, your video may not be accepted by TikTok or perform poorly.

To ensure a reliable online connection while uploading TikTok videos, it is recommended to use a high-speed internet connection and to upload videos when the network is not congested. You should also ensure a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data signal for a smooth and successful upload process.

Having a reliable online connection ormobile data while uploading TikTok videos can ensure that your videos are uploaded successfully and perform well on the platform. Creating high-quality tiktok contentand optimizing your upload process can increase your audience engagement and build a loyal following on TikTok.

  • Delete The Cache On TikTok

Clearing the app’s stored data, including temporary files, log files, and other data held by the app, can free up storage space and improve the app’s performance.

To clear the cache on TikTok, follow these steps:

  • Open the TikTok app on your device.
  • Go to your profile page by tapping on the “Me” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to open the settings menu.
  • Scroll down to the “Clear Cache” option and tap on it.
  • Tap “Confirm” to confirm that you want to clear the cache.

Once you have cleared the cache, TikTok will download new temporary files as needed, which may take a few moments to complete.

  • TikTok Application Should Be Updated

An outdated TikTok app may not have the latestTikTok features or security updates, and may not be optimized to work with the latest operating systems or devices. This can result in slow performance, glitches, and compatibility issues that may affect your ability to upload or share videos.

Additionally, TikTok may occasionally make changes to its algorithms or community guidelines that can affect the visibility of your videos. If you are using an outdated version of the app, you may not be able to take advantage of these changes andcertain TikTok features, which could result in your videos being less visible to others.

To ensure that your TikTok videos are visible to others, keeping your app updated to the latest version is important.

Using a private account while uploading TikTok videos can prevent your videos from being visible to others unless you approve them as followers. When you have a private account on TikTok, only your approved followers can see your content, and your videos will not be visible to the wider TikTok community.

To change your account privacy settings to public, go to your profile, tap the three dots in the top right corner, tap Privacy, and then toggle on the “Switch to a public account” option.

If you want your TikTok videos to be visible to others, you should set your account to public. This will make your videos visible to allother TikTok users and increase the chances of a wider audience viewing and sharing your videos.


Due totiktok servers’ slowness issues or other internal problems, your video might not become visible. Again, if your phone has problems, such as a corrupted application, unnecessary case files, or internet access issues, your video may not be visible to others.

Using a private account while uploading TikTok videos can limit the visibility of your content to only your approved followers. If you want to increase the visibility of your videos and reach a wider audience, set your account to public and use TikTok’s privacy settings to control who can see your content.


1. Why isn’t TikTok showing my video?

There could be several reasons why your TikTok video needs to show up.

  • Your video may be removed or hidden from other users’ feeds if it violates community guidelines.
  • If your video is of low quality or has poor lighting, it may be shown to fewer users.
  • If your account is set to “Private,” your videos will only be visible to your followers and not all viewers.

2. What Is When A Tiktok Account Is Under Shadowban Or Full Ban?

A “Shadow Ban” on TikTok means that your account or some of your content has been blocked or hidden from the wider TikTok community without your knowledge. This means that your videos are not shown to people not following you, and your account may not appear in search results or on the “For You” page. Your content is still visible to your followers, not new users or those outside your immediate circle.

3. How Do I Find Out If I’ve Been Shadowbanned On TikTok?

  • The For You page and search option do not display your content.
  • Videos will not be uploaded (instead, they will state “under review” or “processing”).
  • There will be a significant decline in likes, views, or shares.

4. How Can The Change In Privacy Settings Help To Resolve The Problem Of TikTok Not Showing Videos?

Changing your TikTok privacy settings can help resolve the problem of your videos not showing up for others. Changing your account settings to “Public” will make your videos visible to everyone.

By setting your account to “Public,” allowing “Duet” and “Stitch” videos, and adjusting your profile visibility settings, you can increase the visibility of your videos and reach a wider audience on TikTok.

5. What happens as you clear the TikTok app cache?

When you clear the app cache on TikTok, it will delete all the temporary files and data that the app has stored on your device. This includes cached images, videos, and other data that the app has stored.

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