Victoria Harbour viral among world for its wonderful beauty in 2020

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Victoria Harbour is the most viral and popular destination in the world for traveling. It’s also known as the heart of Hong Kong. Victoria Harbour is definitely the most popular tourist area in the world. The harbour is a tough place to visit, but the popular area among foreign tourists are mainly in the Central Victoria Harbour Section. You have to get a guide who is familiar with the place. Without the help of a local guide, you will feel a puzzle where you move around in.

Victoria Harbour Hongkong

What is Victoria Harbour Hong Kong?

  • The natural channel between Hong Kong Island and the Hong Kong-mainland.
  • Width: about 1 kilometer (.6 miles) between Tsim Sha Tsui and Central
  • Length: about 9 kilometers (5 and a half miles)

Victoria Harbour is an important sheltered channel which naturally connects Hong Kong Island and the Hong Kong-mainland city. There are many Biggest ships anchored due to enough depth of the channel. High mountains range on Hong Kong Island shield the Big Ships from storm winds and sheltered them. North shore of Hong Kong Island is naturally curved like a semicircle that helps ships from high waves are blocked out. Victoria Harbour got shelter from Islands to the east and south and a narrow opening on the eastern inlet.

At the time of the British Empire’s they discovered this area as the biggest military and trading ports and it is the world’s busiest commercial ports. There are two big cruise ship ports that bring thousands of shopping hunters, and Fashion Hunters, Travellers each year. The transportation connections to the Victoria Harbor area are among the world’s best and quickest.

Victoria Harbour History

The Treaty of Nanking between China and Britain in 1843 describes that Hong Kong was a part of the British Empire.Victoria Harbour becomes a major port because it was close to Canton and connect easily the major shipping lines between Japan and Singapore.

Location of Victoria harbour Hongkong

• According to History, in 1844 only 538 ships docked there and till 1931 over 42,000,000 tons of cargo was shipped at Victoria Harbour.Which a huge development to this area and make a traveler Hub.In the era of 1950s and the 1960s, Hong Kong became a Main manufacturing center.From 1970, containerized shipping allowed much faster transport the manufactured products.

Reclamation projects have changed the look of the Victoria harbor.For the last 25 Years, the width of the channel between Tsim Sha Tsui and Central is now less than half which reflects its development in this area.

Choosing a Sector of the Victoria Harbor to Explore

Central Sector is the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal in Victoria Harbours. The natural victoria harbor is big in size, approximately 9 kilometers long, and is divided into three parts: east, west, and central.

The central sector in Victoria Harbour that contains Tsim Sha Tsui and Central on Hong Kong Island is the Travellers Heaven excluding you are coming to Victoria Harbour on a cruise ship or a ferry .

Hongkong, Shenzhen, and Macau are the most popular visit areas by foreign travelers. The local ferries service helps travelers to go to other islands of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Macau.They are easily adjacent to the Central Star Ferry terminal in front of the IFC Mall.

ictoria harbour hongkong

Western Sector

The Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal has Turbojet Ferries to Macau. The western Sector of Victoria Harbour contains this dock. Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal situated west of the IFC Mall on Hong Kong Island. Local and Foreign Tourists experienced interesting places to go to in the western part of Hong Kong Island, but they also visit and prioritize the central sector.

 Turbojet Ferries victoria terminal to Macau

The Kwai Tsing Container Port is the world’s 6th busiest container port (2018) situated in the northwestern part of the Victoria Harbour.It is known for the export wealth of Hong Kong.It is one of the most important ports for China.Due to its industrial many tourists avoid going there.

Eastern Sector

The Kai Tak giant cruise ship terminal is two miles to the east of the Star Ferry on the Kowloon side.It can handle two of the largest cruise vessels at a time and has an MTR station and shops.

What Is Best For Tourists at Victoria Harbour in 2020?

The Avenue of Stars develop as a Statue Museum of handprints and statues of Hong Kong’s entertainers like most popular is Jackie Chan a Kung fu film hero.

Avenue of Stars Victoria Harbour

The last 10 years it constructs and develops due to popular tourist attractions. The Victoria harbor is narrower now. New parks and public areas now beautify the shores.

The main highlights to Visit at Victoria Harbour in 2020.

  • The West Kowloon Cultural Centre and the ICC Tower and mall
  • Tsim Sha Tsui’s variety of shopping streets, big malls, museums, and restaurants
  • The revamped Avenue of Stars
  • The Star Ferry for scenic cross-harbor transportation
  • The Central Waterfront Promenade
  • IFC Mall for luxury shopping and fine dining
  • Central’s Hollywood Road and Cat Street for curios and souvenirs.
icc tower light show victoria harbour

The development of this area attracts foreign Tourists and makes the area center of attraction among travelers. The area is also popular as a shopping destination due to Local Malls and development.

The West Kowloon Cultural Centre in 2020

ICC Tower and Elements Mall is in the West Kowloon Cultural Centre. The new West Kowloon Cultural Centre is drawing tens of thousands of tourists to the West Kowloon waterfront. It is a large area develop Mall to visit one in a Life time.

The ICC Tower and Elements Mall is Huge and area for both luxury shopping and dining. It and the West Kowloon Station attract and dominate the tourist to stay there.

There are a promenade and park promontory in front of the ICC Tower and Elements Mall for sightseeing as well as a garden beside it. New museums and the Xiqu Centre are the most popular areas for Chinese opera, art, and tea. It attracts big hits among tourists. The Xiqu theater seating for audiences of more than 1,000 at a time.

Transportation is especially convenient to the cultural center area because there are four big MTR stations in it:

Central Mtr Central station Victoria Harbour
  • Kowloon Station,
  •  Kowloon Airport Express Station,
  •  Austin Station
  • The new West Kowloon HSR Station

All stations provide direct transportation to all cities across China. These stations make Local and Foreign travelers to the Victoria harbor quickly.There are underground pedestrian subways or walkways with shops and food outlets for convenience.

     The Newly Expanded Avenue of Stars

Victoria Harbour Hongkong light show

The Symphony of Lights attracts the tourists with its attraction to a musical rhythm and multimedia lighting which glows colorful light more attractive way. Hong Kong Cultural Centre’s southern face is converted sometime during festival seasons especially into a supergiant big screen. It is perfectly shaped, curved, and colored for this use, so you can see the video and special effects played out on it with the waterfront. The multimedia system is also known as 3D PULSE.

The Central Waterfront Promenade

On the north shore, a Huge  197-foot-tall (60-meter) Ferris wheel was built in 2014. It takes up part of a new large promenade offering tourists a place to feel cool and relax.

197-foot-tall (60-meter) Ferris wheel promenade

The Victoria harbor views are very nice. The Maritime Museum is also attraction among visitors with an interesting area like New park areas, event areas, and sports areas. All places are attraction to tourists for sightseeing and recreation for those coming in on the various ferries that dock nearby.

Best Harbor Area Dining in 2020

The Lung King Heen 3 Michelin star is known for having the best Luxury Dining area among local and foreign tourists for Cantonese cuisine in the region.

Lung King Heen – 3 Michelin Star Dim Sum

The quality of the dining restaurants around the Victoria harbor is so good. IFC Mall’s Four Seasons might be the most Michelin-starred building in the entire world. Michelin awarded for Caprice for French Luxury Dining Restaurants in 2019. Lung King Heen for the avant-garde, organic Cantonese-style cuisine 3 stars award Michelin stars, and Sushi Saito, a new Japanese restaurant.

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