Swisse Skincare Hyaluro-Natural Intensive Hydrating Mask for Supple, Plump and Glowy Complexion – 50 g

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Swisse Skincare Hyaluro

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Price: ₹1,249.00 - ₹724.00
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Swisse Skincare Hyaluro Product Description




Now in India

For 50 years, Swisse Wellness has been making millions of people around the world healthier and happier.

Swisse sustainably sources premium quality, efficacious ingredients from around the world.

Formulas are developed using scientific and traditional evidence.

Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Intensive Hydrating Mask

Begin your quest for a hydrated skin

Go beyond normal skin hydration with the intensely hydrating benefits of Senna plant extracts – the natural botanical alternative to Hyaluronic Acid. This leave-on overnight mask is also enriched with Aloe Vera, Avocado, Sunflower Seed, Soybean Oil, and Natural Fruit Oils to revitalize dry, stressed, or tired-looking skin. Join the quest for a soft, supple, and glowing skin with Swisse, Australia’s leading wellness brand.

Senna Seed is a natural botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid that ensures intense skin hydration

Aloe Vera contains more than 70 essential compounds that help to heal, hydrate, soothe and calm the skin. Also, its high water content makes it a great source of hydration

Natural Fruit Oils with a unique skin-conditioning complex featuring natural ingredients that soothe, condition, moisturise and protect the skin

Avocado with rich omega 3 fatty acid content for intense skin-replenishment

Sunflower Seed and Soybean Oils for intense skin nourishment and hydration




Unique Hydrating Formula: It is also formulated with Soothing Fruit Oils & Botanical Extracts that are a unique skin-conditioning complex including blackcurrant seed oil, balloon vine extract and sunflower seed oil to protect and soothe the-dry skin and Avocado, Sunflower Seed & Soybean Oils that are a rich source of skin replenishing fatty acids that deeply nourish and hydrate the skin.

Swisse Skincare HyaluroDirections for use:

Apply a generous layer onto clean skin and leave on for 10- 15 minutes before rinsing. For intense replenishment, apply before sleep and leave on overnight. Follow in the morning with your normal cleansing routine. Recommended for use once to twice per week, or any time your skin needs a hydrating lift.

Swisse Skincare Hyaluro No Harmful Ingredients:

Swisse is a carbon neutral company. Swisse skincare consists of ingredients that are not harmful to both the skin and the environment. Harnessing the power of nature and enhanced by science, Swisse skincare is consciously formulated using ingredients such as active botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to promote healthy, happy looking skin.
Cruelty-Free: Our products are not tested on animals.

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