Sputnik V Vaccine in India in 2021 Best against Covid-19

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Sputnik V Vaccine in India a New Hope for Indians

Sputnik v Vaccine is new hope for Indians after 2nd wave hurt badly India. Now there’s so much bad news going around related to COVID-19 NEW STRAIN there is only one thing that India really needs right now that is vaccines more and more. More vaccination is our only way to out of this pandemic.

Sputnik-V vaccine

Sputnik V efficcacy Rate

Now what we are now getting up for the third vaccine which is to arrive in the country we’re talking about SPUTNIK V vaccine the Russian vaccine. One of the first to be developed in the world having an efficacy of 91.60 % and has lots of things that are better in a way.

Sputnik V Vaccine ,COVISHIELD and COVAXIN

COVISHIELD and COVAXIN  are two Indian brand vaccines that already have in the country to do vaccination. Sputnik V is developed by a technology known as an adenoviral-based vaccine. Sputnik V vaccine weakened the virus by injected into your body and then your body replicates that immune response and builds antibodies against covid 19.

Now Sputnik V vaccine is the equal Technology that is used in COVISHIELD  the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine as well. But biotech is different when it comes to its technology. Because what they do is they use an inactivated vaccine which is basically they pick up a covered strain make it chemically kill it and then inject it in your body so it’s a little bit of a difference in that tech but other things let’s talk about that doses all three are two-dose vaccines.

Sputnik V vaccine has something fascinating it actually has two different formulas for its first and second jab. This is not there in any other vaccine. Now Sputnik V says this is actually done so that it boosts your immune system even further how they say that instead of using the same version of the vaccine two times as used in Covishield (two jabs), Covaxin two jabs.

In the Sputnik V vaccine they put in two different formulas in your body and this has proved to be having better results on your body. It has gained a better efficacy rate in recovery also.  Sputnik V vaccine makes it safer and also the reactions that you get to vaccine this is much less in it as per Sputnik V claims now with these jabs.

Sputnik V vaccine doses Duration gap to take

IN the Sputnik V vaccine the two different formulas that they use are given at a gap of about 21 days. For Covishield remember now the revised is that both the jabs have to be given between a difference of at least six to eight weeks. Some doctors say take it after 10 weeks also that is when Covishield has its best efficacy and co-vaccine of course you know is 28 days gap and then efficacy.

The all-important question here is “where Sputnik V really scores above the rest of vaccines” Sputnik V is one of the only three vaccines in the world which have an efficacy of over 90 percent. Spuntik V has an efficacy of 92 percent and it is deemed to be safe and offers complete protection against hospitalization and death as well now against the other two vaccines.

AstraZeneca Covishield has efficacy of roughly 72 percent over there sometimes and the Bharat Biotech vaccine though it has not been peer-reviewed their own claim is that they have an efficacy of about roughly 80 percent.

Sputnik V vaccine storage and uses

Now when it comes to storage let’s look at that how easy is it to store. Now all three vaccines can be stored at the refrigerator levels but again Sputnik V vaccine has a bit of a surprise over there. Sputnik V vaccine is actually not just conducive for India because it can be stored at refrigerator levels. Sputnik V is actually a freeze-dried vaccine means it comes in powder form. This powder form is then hydrated and then put inside of the Covid-19 patient.

Sputnik V powder form does formula of the vaccine is very stable much more stable than what you have in the other vaccine. Other vaccines are also stable but this is said to be in technical terms it has an edge over the others and then it also improves the storage life and the shelf life of the vaccine. This is where it is a major major hit and a tick against the others.

Sputnik V vaccine effected in New Strain and Mutants of Covid-19

But then let’s tend to the other important questions here. The most pressing bits when it comes to the vaccine here in India middle of such a massive second wave will it work against the new variants. The double mutation of Covid-19 will work against the South Africa, U.K. variant. All of that now the thing to remember here is that there has been no concrete study that backs the claims of all these vaccine manufacturers.

When they say that this will work against the variant or there’s just not been enough time for all these studies to actually be performed and come out with a report on this. But let’s tell you what they claim okay currently on the face of it all vaccines are supposed to work against all variants.

But in the Sputnik V vaccine case by their own claim, they say that their response to the South African variant is not very strong but when it comes to the U.K. variant they claim they are the best in the world they say. This has been backed by some studies and clinical trials that they’ve done and what they’ve performed across the country.

Now in Covishield and Covacsin Covishield say that against the UK strain it is bringing down the level of hospitalization and death that basically means it will not give you 100 percent protection or 100 percent a lot of efficacy against the UK  Strain. But it will bring down the thing so the stage of hospitalization and death is drastically brought down. But remember when it came to the south African strain South Africa had sent back one million AstraZeneca oxford Covishield jabs to India saying it doesn’t work in our case.

In Covaxin again we don’t know there is no data but ICMR has given a statement saying that Covaxin does work against the UK strain. Now double mutation of the virus will work against it? is in suspense now there is no data available on this. But according to the best virologists in the country they are telling that over a period of time Covid-19 will convert in likely become an H1N1 virus strain and other viral diseases. This means that there will be regular new strains will coming up at regular intervals in the coming years.

Should wait for Better vaccine to come or go for Spuntik-V vaccine

Really and that means that we will require to have regularly updated vaccines year on year. So the key thing to remember here for everybody is that don’t wait for a better vaccine will come. Then I will get that jab. You have to inject whatever vaccine is available right now because that is the only solution to cutting the chain of Covid-19 infection.

That is the need of the hour once you take all these vaccines year on year. One what you do is you really bring down the level of infection of the level of sort of virus strain. That you will have in your body and as the time develops new vaccines will come and we will overcome the situation.

You don’t have to wait for Sputnik V let’s wait for Johnson and Johnson let’s wait for Pfizer and Moderna to come. That’s not the solution. Here you really have to take what vaccine is available right now. Also, remember technically Covid-19 will keep mutating new strains in the coming period.

 That’s how any new viruses are by their nature according to person and situation. So it is important right now to ensure that you are safe especially when the infection peak is going on. Now let’s talk about the cost well cost is something that the government decides mostly but Sputnik V at the moment says that they will be giving it to India at the moment we don’t know what the negotiated rate is.

Sputnik V Vaccine price in India

As per the CEO of Sputnik V they said it will be about ten dollars per dose that is what they’re giving it to the rest of the world as well. It’s not clear at what price it will deliver to the Indian Government. The Best thing is that when we will get it right now and how soon can we have it.

Covishield is produced by Serum Institute of India So it’s a manufactured in India vaccine Covaxin is made and even it was developed here that means it is a made in India vaccine. Now Sputnik V also is currently tied up with not one not two but at least three different Pharma companies. We know and they will be working at different levels to try and get their production up.

Production Capacity of Spuntik V in the world

According to the CEO Sputnik V, a minimum of 200 million doses is what they are working on that is from just one manufacturer. So imagine if more and more manufacturers tie-up with their formula. If Sputnik V shares his formulas with all these manufacturers there will be even more vaccines available.

In fact, they believe that India truly is the pharmacy of the world and they will be producing so many vaccines that not just deliver all of India but can be vaccinated out to the world as well. The CEO Sputnik V said that they will be ready for manufacturing. In fact ready to have the jab on the counter only by the fourth quarter of 2021 that means it’s only towards the end of the year that we might get Sputnik V in India.

Many Successful vaccines are in waiting for the drug controller to give his nod which is likely to happen. Then we’ll all get the third vaccine in the country.

Like I said earlier that really for you there is one solution and only one solution there to getting ourselves out of this pandemic and achieving herd immunity that is getting yourself vaccinated which is available and approved now.

Sputnik V is best option or go for what is available

Why is it important to get yourself vaccinated right now because right now in the country a second wave is going on so please do not wait for a better vaccine to come in or hope that something better is on the cards or in the lines just get whatever you can right now we really hope with this the good news is that manufacturing capabilities will increase and soon every adult in the country can be vaccinated I hope this was helpful we’ll see you again.

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