Best South Indian Bridal Jewelry Designs in 2020

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Weddings in South India and south Indian Bridal Jewelry represent a unique form of Indian tradition. Traditional dress, music, which is made on sight. The South Indian bride is complemented by colorful Red sarees and traditional gold jewelry.

South Indian Bridal Jewelry

Wherein earrings, necklaces, armlets, waistbands are all made on sight. Each ornament is made according to a different function. If the bride is said to be the form of a gold idol, then it will not be wrong. In other words the imagination of marriages without gold in South India is also meaningless.

As we all know there are five different parts in South India. Where each part has different culture and customs. Brides in every state according to their state have a dressing style which is different from each other for different programs. In all of these, the garland of flowers is a symbol of equality in every bride. But in every state, jewelry and dress differentiate them from each other.

South Indian Bridal Jewelry in Andhra Pradesh

Many ceremonies take place at weddings in the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India. In which Mangal Snan which is also called Graduation and Mangalasanam. Different prayers like Ganesh Gauri Puja are also prominent. Like Prayer different communities such as Nizam Reddy and Vyas whose wedding rituals and attire remain distinct. Variations of jewelry are also seen.

Understand the costumes of the brides there according to different caste categories inside the state, which is as follows

nizam bride

NIZAM JEWELRY in south Indian Bridal Jewelry

The brides of the Nizam sect of South India wear salwar suits in their costumes, sharara Lacha-style lehenga and traditional Nizam jewelry which is inhabited by the Hyderabadi pearl of the state. The Nizam is one of the nobles of Hyderabad. For several centuries he has ruled in many regions of Hyderabad. Weighing Nizami jewelry and embellished with many jewels and rubies. Nizam jewelry cannot be imagined without pearls.

jadau set

Heavy Gold with Emerald having hanging with small Pearls. Heavy mangtika is Gorgeous and gave marvellous look to South Indian Bride in these Jewelry.

nizam jewelry

Gold with Ruby and Emerald semi precious stones, with hanging pearls Design is proved by Mangatraj Neeraj. a unique name in South Indian Jewelry.

The Gold Passa, the Maang Tikka, and a large Nath (nose ring) studded with pearls is mainly and famous jewelry is worn by a Nizami bride. Oozing elegance and style, the bride used heavy Gold rings and a Kundan choker necklace.

satlada jewelry

You can go for the Seven Line or Satlada necklace, which is a seven-tier chain made of gold and pearls and the Gold bangles called Kundan-manek-chura also known as Gold Studded with Ruby stones. Nizam Jewelry with Gold Waist band “Kamarband” glow the elegance of South Indian Bride.

Here is a complete breakdown for the south Indian bridal jewelry listed here –

  • A heavy Passa or Jhoomar
  • Choker
  • Strings of pearls – 3-Teenlada, 5-Panchlada or 7-Satlada necklace
  • Chaandbalis, Jhumka earrings or Jhoomar earrings
  • Heavy bangles – Kundanmakechura, Kadas
  • Kamarand
  • Haathphool and rings
  • Anklets and Pairphool

The Reddy bride JEWELRY in south Indian Bridal Jewelry

The bride of Reddy Community wore heavy silk saree and Temple ornament which is filled with gold. In the temple jewelry, the idols of God are inscribed. An idol like Laxmi Ganesha Krishna Radha Vishnu Shiva is famous in them. Like there is no idol in the Nizam.

South Indian Reddy Bridal jewelry Detail –

Reddy the bride is filled with gold jewelry. In which the work of inlaying with colored stones like sapphire ruby diamonds remains. Hence Reddy also wears a golden earring filled with a bride that enhances her look. The audience is left staring at the bride.

temple1 5:00 pm

The Reddy bride will be loaded with heavy gold jewelry studded with rubies, diamonds and sapphires. In which the work of gold kundan jadau with colored stones like sapphire ruby diamonds remains.

She will be seen wearing a headgear called Papidibilla, heavy Jhumkas, a Choker necklace with gold chains, a nose ring, an bajuband and gold bangles.

reddy 5:00 pm

Here is a complete breakdown for Reddy Bride the south Indian bridal jewellery listed here –

temple 5:00 pm
  • Papidibilla (a distinctive Maang Tikka)
  • Poola Jadi
  • Heavy gold Jhumkas
  • Nose rings
  • Layered necklaces – chokers, Sutralu Golusu, Gundla Haram,
  • Pathkala Haram
  • Heavy bangles and kadas – Bangaru Gajulu,
  • Lakshmi Kadiyam, Raaja Gajulu
  • Heavy gold saree belt – the Vadanam
  • Rings
  • Anklets

The Vysya bride JEWELRY in south Indian Bridal Jewelry

Vaishya community of South India which is famous for its tradition. Vaishya society marriages take place for seven days. The comparison of the Reddy community is seen in the simple simple gold ornaments of the Vaishya society bride in simple sari.

south indian bridal jewelry

The bride of the Reddy community where the bride is dressed in colorful and bright clothes, the bride of the Vaishya community lives in simple sari and traditional attire.

Vaishya Bridal jewellery breakdown –

The bride from this community is far from going with jewellery. You’d see her wearing very subtle designs like a gold choker studded with gemstones and a heavy gold chain with uncut diamonds to complement it. Aren’t you absolutely in love with the concept? surely are!

Here is a complete breakdown for the south Indian bridal jewellery listed here –

  • Papidibilla (a distinctive Maang Tikka)
  • Heavy gold Jhumkas
  • Nose ring (usually a stud)
  • Layered necklaces – Kandabaram, Sutralu Golusu, Nakshi Haram
  • Heavy bangles and antique kadas – Gajulu
  • Heavy gold saree belt – the Nakshi Vadanam
  • Aravanki or a Bajuband with Goddess motifs
  • Rings
  • Anklets

now wait for next edition in which we can see the karnataka wedding style and glorious style fashion jewelry

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