Great Heart Sonu Sood helps a needy sobbing woman

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Mr. Good Heart Legend Sonu Sood daily helps at least 500 people at the best effort.  In front of his residence in search of a good heart gesture, many people were waiting for Sonu Sood to make a solution to their problems.  The volume and size of the Teenagers crowds equivalent to the seen outside Bollywood Star Mr. Shah Rukh Khan’s residence.

Doesn’t this kind of adulation scare Sonu Sood?

According to Mr. Sonu Sood “It doesn’t scare me,” he replies quietly. “I love the space God has granted me. And I try to make sure I use that space for the betterment of the needy. I know people need me, want me to help. So I always do my best. God is always guiding me,”

There is a video of a distressed young woman pleading for Sonu’s help. “The girl you saw crying in the video that was viral on June 4. I found her a place to stay and she is now into baking cakes. After her medical tests are done she will get a home and a job. My job is done.”

Sonu is unable to describe the feeling when he is able to provide succor to the needy. “It’s like being told by God that my life is worth something. Your only function on this earth is to make this world a better place. I think I’m contributing to that. I am blessed.”

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