The Biggest Contribution Of Smile And Petience To Humanity.

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Good Times

 To conquer the world the best weapon a man has is his Smile and patience. If you are in trouble and there is not any way to go forward close your eyes and be patient and take time till the problem is not sort out.

There is always a matter of time which we are not giving to the problem and take quick decisions and became fail with every effort we gave and at last, we drop the fight as looser.

Hard Hit

Everybody has a great power of patience which takes a loser man to a win-win situation. Every first hard-hitting is not as hard if it applies regularly.  The power of strength goes down as time goes and when the opposition goes dry that’s the right time to hit with full effort.


The next very special gift to man is Smile which can conquer every person no matter how big is the fault of the person. If we take a Smile as our guard and having patience any big matter will have to solve.

there is way

Always give time to bad times. Every bad time will lead to great times. So be patient and wait for the right time to come and you will get your time. 

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