Know How Silver Investment is the best way to double your Investment in every 10 Years

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Silver Investment is double your investment in every 10 Years


SILVER is also known as white Metal. It is Low Budget Investor friendly product. Which gave attractive returns in a limited period of time. Silver most popular used in as JEWELLERY, COINS,  UTENSILS, CROCKERY, TOYS,  & MUCH MORE.

SILVER Investment as COIN


Silver Investment is most commonly used in the world in term of Silver Coins. In 16th Century East India company establish its empire in India. They circulate Silver Coins as their currency.

Silver Coins attract huge public interest as general savings. Every citizen value silver coins as very good revalue investment. Silver  price is range from rs 10000 per kg on the year 2004  to Rs 70,000/ kg on the year 2011.


Silver Investment is also be use as utensils and crockery in India. Silver have also other daily uses items which consume silver in quantity of volume and make it always be buyer & investment friendly to make it cash any time. Silver is very easy to available due to its low price deals.

Silver Utensils


Silver Investment Jewellery is also be in trend with economic and for its white shiny looks it attract the consumers very easily. Due to its cost efficiency silver is very popular among the buyers. The cost of 100 gms gold jewelry cost at rs 60k  while silver 100 gms jewellery cost only rs 5000 only.

Silver is commonly used for jewelry likes, Payal (anklets), Silver necklace sets, wrist watch, hair combs, Silver god goddess idols, photo frames, Cigarette pipes tobacco box, Alcohol bottle, Milk bottle, Toys etc and much more…


In terms of Silver investment, India is among the largest markets of gold coin and bar in the world. With this, families gradually increase their investment in gold and use it to buy jewelery on occasions such as need of funds or marriage.

In the last few years, the trend of investing in gold has also increased through the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), but in recent times, there has been increased interest among investors about silver and the main reason for this is the steadily increasing.

The pace of rise in silver prices has now exceeded that of gold. Silver in London, which is among the world’s largest bullion markets, recently hit a three-year high of $ 19.70 an ounce. Silver prices in India are at a high level since October 2013. Silver has always lagged behind gold in terms of price performance. Historically, gold starts first and then silver prices pick up.

In the recent bull market, gold has gained about 20% in the international market since June, while silver Investment has gained more than 37%. The prices of both these precious metals have remained the same in India.

silver Investment as 50 pence coin

Silver prices were under pressure till June due to weak industrial demand and slowdown in the entire metal segment. However, silver prices remained strong due to rupee weakness against the dollar in India, the largest consumer and importer of silver in the world.

One of the main reasons for the rise in silver is the price of gold to reach several years high. Increased uncertainty in global trade and political instability have led to increased demand for gold and silver as safe havens.

Silver is also becoming costlier due to the decrease in mine production and increased consumption in the jewelery sector. According to data from the Silver Institute, world demand for silver increased by 4% in 2018, while its production decreased by 2%.

silver investment as 100 gms pamp coin

The recent boom in silver has led to a decrease in gold-silver ratio. This ratio is the amount of silver required to buy one ounce of gold. This ratio was at 93 in July and now has come down to 81. This indicates that Silver’s performance in the last two months is better than Gold. Demand for silver has increased in the global market since July. Gold prices have dropped in the last few days after a steep rise since June.

Holding in Silver Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) has also been increasing since June. Prices of the world’s largest silver ETF iShares Trest are currently at a three-year high and inflows are also increasing, reflecting the increasing interest of investors in silver. Silver prices have risen nearly 20% in the last one month due to strong demand for investment in India and a weak rupee.

Silver Investment as one dollar coin

Bullion experts say that silver prices cannot be ruled out any more, as silver prices, unlike gold prices, have been weak for many years. Silver prices went above Rs 70,000 per kg in April 2011 and reached the all-time peak level with Rs 74,300 per kg.

Domestic market has risen from Rs 44,000 per kg to Rs 52,000 per kg in the last one month. Silver is likely to become more expensive in the coming years due to high demand for silver in the global market and weakness in the rupee. With this, those buying silver at the current level can also get good returns.

SIlver Showpiece


The another way of Silver Investment are Silver as show pieces. which are very unique in looks and make it as status symbol. many of the persons buy the silver any time when they have surplus earning happen as investment.

Silver is very useful and equivalent to cash in nature which anyone can liquidate it.

Hi friends what’s your opinion is the silver is really investment friendly in nature with low investment with easy to liquidation…

Hope i am present my word with you…

My Audience feel free to make any query regarding bullion and jewellery subject. Wait for your comments


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