SALVE Sweatgo Antibacterial Astringent and Antiperspirant Soap for Control of Hyperhidrosis and Excessive Sweating

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Price: ₹ 125.00 - ₹ 110.00
(as of Dec 01,2022 22:50:50 UTC – Details)

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Effectively treats excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis.
Contains Seboclear – Revolutionary Anti-bacterial that prevents skin infections & malodour.
Ideal for men and women with fresh and unisex fragrance. Gives Fast & visible results.
Sweat Go Soap: A Excellent Soap For Refreshing Bath Great For Excessive Sweat Or Hyperhidrosis … For Excellent Results Use With SweatGo Solution
Helps in hyperhidrosis of underarms, feet & palm.
the Sweatgo helps reduce sweat issues to make you more confident in public.
Apply During Night as it forms a layer to help with sweat | Best Antiperspirant for women and men.
Do not use on broken skin.

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