Most Effective Ways To Overcome Road Safety Rules’s Problem in 2020.

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Road Safety Rules in India

Road Safety Rule

In India, the number of Road safety rules violated during go on the road. Which occurs road accidents and increases the number of deaths. In the past ten years in India, more than one and a half lakh deaths and approximately a minimum of six lakh people have injured. With a majority in the age group of 15-45 years. 

Rules to Roads Safety while you have steering

An increase in the population of both Pedestrians and Road vehicles on the roads is mostly responsible for accidents happen. In the USA road accident cases are decline by 50% by 2020. India is far behind the USA’s road safety goal. In our country, road users are in so hurry that they are not afraid of an accident.

Driving Rules


3 Main Reasons for Road accidents

1     Wrong-way driving, not following one-way rule,
2     Over speeding,
3     Drunk driving,

Most accidents of which are preventable with some alertness and precautions. People are not in a mood to hear any kind of words about road safety and immediately retaliate if anyone says that they have violated the traffic rule. 

Many violators are not worried about the safety of themselves, their family members, or other road users. Human factors are implicated in 96% of road accidents in the world.

Practical steps in enhancing road safety lessons from the road safety in many countries attempts to change the behavior of the road users towards road safety can play a significant role in reducing road accidents in India.

Safety Awareness

Road Safety Awareness Program

An Awareness program for Road Safety and avoid accidents in this direction. Bringing the victims and the family members of victims of road accidents to a platform and arranging road safety awareness programs.

Through them to make people understand the result of avoiding Road Safety Rules during uses the roads. The awareness Programs help the people to understand about how the families or dependents suffer psychologically and financially due to avoiding road safety rules. Such type of program may be more effective in motivating people towards adopting road safety rules. 

  • Make the penalty system very strict for accusing a person who avoiding road safety rules after giving a 3-time alert as grace after 3rd alert if accusing is getting make the practice continue the result he has to suffer cancellation of driving license, along with penalty or imprisonment can bring in some order in road traffic rules.
  • Making public the names of the violators along with the accident has done and the injured person detail, 
  • Penalty to be maximum especially in case of signal jumping, drunk driving, one-way violation, and rash driving. This may bring in some discipline in violators. Reducing speed limits, minimizing the number of straight crossings at crossroads by introducing U-turns.
  • Increasing visibility on the road by way of lighting the roads can help reduce road accidents. 
  • Make compulsory for use of reflectors by cyclists and two-wheeler riders, improving road conditions,
  • Construct roads with all markings and monitoring it with the help of cameras are essential to reduce road accidents.
  • Both pedestrians and vehicle users should start behaving alertness civilized manner on the roads to reduce road accidents.
  • Penalize the accuse for avoiding road safety rules

10 Important Road Safety Rules And Regulations

Road Boads
  1. Keep To Your Left – Always drive on the left side of the road and let other vehicles overtake you from the right side.
  2. Stay Left When You Turn Left – When turning towards left, start with approaching the curb from the left-most lane and ensure there’s enough distance for oncoming vehicles to pass.
  3. Turn Right – Come to the center of the road before you start turning right but when going around the turn, try to stay towards the left-most part of your lane to avoid contact with oncoming traffic.
  4. Emergency Vehicles – It is your responsibility to give way to emergency services vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances.
  5. Zebra Crossing– Stop vehicles before Zebra crossing so at the time of Rd Signal Pedestrians cross easily from zebra crossings.
  6. Parking – Make sure you don’t park your vehicle in a way it causes any hurdle or disturbance to any other road users.
  7. One way Roads – Always drive only in the permissible direction on a one-way road. Also, never park your vehicle in reverse on a one-way street.
  8. Following Distance – Always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you like this will give you enough time to come to a stop in case of the vehicle in front brakes suddenly. 

Road Safety Rules for Bikers

Biker Road Safety

1    Wear a helmet  Bikers must wear Helmets during the drive the bikes.
2    Avoid being zigzag between lanes – Many 2-wheeler users love to ride across lanes use tiny gaps but it’s advisable to avoid all this to avoid accidents.

 I hope, I can guide you about How much Important is the Road Safety for us and our family ones. if you like please share and comment so bring more informative topics to with you.

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