Richa Chadha support of the People’s Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign

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Richa Chadha joins support of the People’s Vaccine Campaign just the likes famous personalities Dalai Lama, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, Malala, George Clooney.

At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked hav0c in the country. Vaccines are surely extremely important and should be available to all. However, the fact is that only 2% of vaccines already produced have made it to low-income countries while 87% have vaccinated millions of people in developed countries.

Richa Chadha support of the People’s Vaccine Campaign

The People’s Vaccine movement, which is backed by hundreds of high-profile Idols such as Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Prince Harry & Meghan, Malala, Gordon Brown, Ratan Tata, George Clooney, Stephen Fry, Annie Lennox, Trevor Noah, Richard Branson, Forest Whitaker, Prof Muhammad Yunus, and Mark Ruffalo.

Along with more than 1.3 million people who have support in writing for the People’s Vaccine petition. for a noble call for the pharmaceutical companies to destroy the patents on Covid-19 vaccines. Allow vaccines for all over the world.

Not just affordable countries can get vaccines. For this movement, Richa Chadha is the New activist who has been approached to join this petition and support the same.

The Indian actress is very well known for being outspoken and supporting important issues that matter. The matters which are the reasons why her support in this movement is sure to add enormous weightage and support.

Richa Chadha says, “I am in support of the People’s Vaccine movement because I feel charging money for vaccines will deter many and make the vaccine less accessible. Make no mistake, we’re all in this together.”

“To be protected from coronavirus, no matter where we live in the world, we must vaccinate our entire population or the virus will keep traveling, mutating, and rendering existing vaccines irrelevant. It is not possible to stop international travel altogether.”

“Suspending the patents is the least we can do. Through this petition, we need to maintain and build public pressure for the same change to occur. For this reason, I urge you all to sign it too, because this is a change that could positively impact the lives of millions of Indians.”

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