Why RAJPUTANA WEDDING Had Been So Popular?

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As you know, the majority of the Great Royal Rajputana Families are found in the state of Rajasthan. Grand Rajputana Wedding Is Most Popular In The World. Even today many princely states continue to dominate in Rajasthan.

The whole world is convinced of the traditional dress of Rajasthan.We are all proud of this Traditional Heritage of Rajasthan. The Rajputana Gharanas of Rajasthan have preserved this traditional heritage very well.

Bridal Traditional Red Wear in Rajputana Wedding


The most precious Jewelry and Traditional Rituals of Rajsthan placed four moons in traditional attire. In traditional Jewelry, you enchant the viewers like Jadau Kundan. The Rajputana wedding dress  of  bride is famous for its Red ruddy color. Rajasthani bride in red couple attract their tradition and everyone.

The Rajputana wedding is a glimpse of Rajasthani tradition in marriage, which is not in any other tradition.

Indian Bridal attire and traditional lehenga is the hallmark of every wedding. Every traditional bride chooses Exclusive Bridal Dress to make this wedding day memorable.


Indian Groom Sherwani


In the Royal Rajputana Wedding, the groom’s sherwani and traditional sword make his ातीरे incomparable. Sherwani is the most important of all traditional dresses.

The red Turban on the head and the sword in the hand give the groom a KING like look. The earrings at the ear, Tilak at forehead gave such a look that everyone is left watching.

As wedding photography is very popular today. You will meet many new couples giving such poses that make Indian marriage more memorable.

Marvellous poses of Brides and Grooms

Indian bride

The Elegance and Beauty of Rajasthan is the hallmark of every royal family. The Rajasthani bride seem like a Queen its Royal Look. It is unforgettable to see the bride look in her traditional lehenga.

Jewelry that holds a special place in Rajasthani marriages. What to say if the wedding is from the Royal Indian Family. All of you are eager to know whether jewelry is only for the Bride. The answer is no, In Marwari Rajputana Wedding, the bridegroom is also filled with Jewels, Rubies and many more. Which should not be less than the glory of a king.

Grooms Marron Sherwani And Muchadi (shoes)

Indian Groom

White kilangi which is adorned with golden brooch on the head  with Turban. It refines the groom’s form so that everyone is captivated by her appearance.

Maroon color Sherwani with Red Turban containing  deep golden border. The groom’s sherwani is accentuated by the nakshi and Embroidery in Jamavar cloth.

The most popular brands are Sabyasachi and Manyawar which are still in trend today. These brands get designer Lehenga’s and Sherwani’s ranging from Rs 15 thousand to 15 lakh.

Beautiful Couple Bride and Groom

Royal Indian Groom n Bride

Rajasthan has many Royal families. They are still following Rajasthani tradition as King. And their public also gives them the status of his Maharaj. And they also keeps his public’s attention towards his Ancestors the families are Like

  • 1 Royal Family of Jaipur,
  • 2 Royal Family of Udaipur,
  • 3 Royal Family of Jodhpur,
  • 4 Royal Family of Bikaner,
  • 5 Royal Family of Alsisar,
  • 6 Royal Family of Jaisalmer,

Antique Jewelry of Royal families

Peacock Kundan Ring

Rajasthani Jewelry is very popular in Rajputana Wedding and exclusive in nature. There are many unique ornaments that are remarkable. The best Example is Golden Ring with Jadau Kundan Stone in shape of peacock.

The Rajput dynasties ruled from the 7th to the 19th centuries and during this time many skilled craftsmen created many extraordinary designs of some gold jewelry. The Rajputana gold jewelry style born in Rajasthan is one of the most exquisite styles of jewelery in India.

The Rajputana style of jewelry reflects its royal heritage and rich culture and is still an integral part of Rajasthani culture. Here are some popular designs of gold Rajputana jewelry:


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