Most Effective Ways To Overcome QUARANTINE, ISOLATION Problem

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Quarantine, Isolation, and Covid-19

Isolation Period

What does Quarantine Mean?

Quarantine is an effective way to protect the public from an infected person. It is restricting the movement of infected persons from COVID19 or a person who recently gets in contact with infected persons.

A quarantine keeps infected people away from others. The person does not infect anyone else. it helps to decrease in spreading the disease. It is advisable by Governments to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Quarantine means to isolate you and other people. Quarantine is being done to those people who are either showing symptoms of corona or there is a possibility that they have come in contact with a patient suffering from the corona.

Such peoples are kept in completely separate wards. However, the visiting doctors and paramedical staff is going with full caution.

Without applying gloves on the hands and masks on the mouth. A person in quarantine does not mean that the man is suffering from COVID 19.

To be alert and for precaution, people have been taken into quarantine. Who came in contact with an infected person in recent times. Advised to follow the same instructions by an infected person.

What is Home Quarantine?

People who have been exposed to the new coronavirus and who are at risk for COVID-19 might be self-quaratined. Doctors advised that the self-quarantine period lasts 14 days.

It is enough time for an infected person to declare himself as a noninfected person and he/she will non-contagious to other people.

What is Self-Quarantine?

You have to go for Self-Quarantine if you have recently returned from international traveling to a part of the country.  If you have been in contact with an infected person. It’s advised you to be 14 days self-quarantine. If you don’t have any symptoms.

Self-quarantine involves:

  • wash your hands regularly with soaps or hygiene sanitizer frequently
  • Not allow anyone to share your things like towels and utensils
  • Staying at home
  • Not having visitors
  • make a distance of a minimum of 6 feet away from family members or any visitors in your household.

After 14 days quarantine period ended, if you do not have symptoms, follow your doctor’s instructions on how to return to your normal routine.

What is Self-isolation?

Home Quarantine

Self-Isolation is the same as quarantine. If a person confirmed from Covid19 disease. He has to separate themselves from healthy family members and dear ones. By this measure, he will not spread this disease into mass destruction.

Self-isolation versus Quarantine

Self-isolation practice has the same reasons as quarantine. If any person who doesn’t have any Symptom but recently have contact with positive patents. Have to Quarantines for 14 days.

The period sufficient for the body to fight against Covid19 disease under this case. The isolation period continues until the patient tests negative.

Who has to be Quarantined?

  • Anyone who has had close contact with Covid-19 infected person. Every person should have to maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters or 6 feet from a Covid-19 patient.
  • Any person living with, visiting or sharing a closed space with the coronavirus patient advised quarantining. If an infected person coughed upon a healthy person and spread droplets makes him qualify for quarantining.
  • Any recent traveling history from an infected country you have to go for a rapid Isolation period. all your contacted persons must follow the same whom you have contacted after traveling.

Home Quarantine is essential for such contacts of a suspect or positive COVID-19 patient. This precaution is for the initial phase

  1. Travel-related cases
  2. Containment zone strategy adopted to stop the spreading of Covid19. It is helpful to stop arising of focal clusters spread. From a travel-related case.
  3. Areas where local and community transmission is evident the persons coming from this affected.

Definition of contact

Covid Safeguard
Avoid Contacts

Any contact with a person who is infected with  Covid19 disease is known as “Contact”. Any exposer of that has been in such association is known at a higher risk of developing the disease.

A Contact in the context of COVID-19 is:

  • sharing the same household with Covid-19 infected person;
  • A person having had direct physical contact with a COVID-19 case without recommended personal protective equipment kit (PPE) or face Mask.
  • A person who has in the face to face contact with a COVID-19 case and not maintain a distance of 1metre.
  • The epidemiological link has occurred for 14 days.
  • Instructions for being Home quarantined

The home quarantined person should:

The person should stay in a well-ventilated room preferably with full privacy and separate attached toilets. If any family member wants to stay within the same room they have to maintain a social distance.

  • Infected person to stay away from elderly people, pregnant women, children, and persons within the household.
  • Restrict his/her movement within the house.
  • Home quarantine person does not allow attending any social/religious gathering (e.g. wedding, condolences, etc.) at any circumstances.

Public Health Measure follows by Home quarantined Person

  • Person to Wash hand as often thoroughly with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Do not share household items dishes, drinking glasses, cups, eating utensils, towels, bedding, with others.
  • Wear a surgical mask all the time. The mask should be disposed of after the use of 6-8 hours. Disposable masks are never to be reused.
  • Used masks should be clean by using ordinary bleach solution (5%) or sodium hypochlorite solution (1%). By burning or deep burial.
  • If cough/fever/difficulty in breathing symptoms appear, the patient should immediately inform the nearest hospital or COVID Testing Lab. Its advised to family members of an infected person to home quarantined
  • Only an assigned family member should be tasked with taking care of the such person
  • Direct contact with skin and shaking the old bed linen it’s compulsory to wear disposable gloves
  • Wash hands after removing gloves
  • Visitors should not be allowed
  • All close contacts will be home quarantined (for 14 days).

Environmental sanitation

hand wash
Hand Wash
  1. Clean and clear frequently touched surfaces like bed frames, tables, etc in the quarantined person’s room with 1%Sodium Hypochlorite Solution.
  2. Clean and clear toilet surfaces daily with phenolic disinfectants.
  3. The quarantine person’s clothes and other linen clean regularly with separately using detergent.

What should you do in quarantine or isolation?

  • Unless it is necessary do not leave home: Do not attend any functions, schools, churches, or temples.
  • Can stay with Pets: There is no evidence that Coronavirus can spread to your pets. Avoid petting, snuggling, or cuddling with your pet.
  • Do not share: Do not swap any of these items unwashed like plates, glasses, cups, spoons, towels, and bedding separately.
  • Frequent hand washing is a must: Wash your hands for twenty seconds with soap. use a tissue and your elbow to cough into or and immediately throw it in a covered dustbin.
  • Stay calm: Stay calm and don’t be panic and don’t make panic others.
  • Co-operate public health workers and follow instructions: Following the quarantine process and other public health mandates play a big role in preventing and slowing the spread of contagious diseases.
social distance

Social distancing

Social distancing means having a minimum distance of 6 ft. Which is helpful to slow the spread of the COVID disease. It’s advised under social distancing

  • to avoid public gatherings,
  • limiting the visitors to your home,
  • staying at home,
  • keeping a safe distance from other people,
  • connect with friends and family virtually.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19: CoronaVirus of 2019 caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory illness Disease. World Health Organisation named it COVID-19.

Flattening the curve: To lower the number of cases and slow-spreading the virus. The government takes safety measures to curfew crowded cities. which reduces the burden on the demands of hospitals.

Isolation period:  Isolation period is a period of 14 days. In which suspected persons are became cured.

Mild or Moderate risk patients: Mild or Moderate risk patients are those who don’t have any symptoms. But recently have in contact with Covid19 patients. They have a history of recently traveled to a country. Where the pandemic is spreading. But they have not generated any symptom of the virus effect.

PPE kit: PPE or personal protective equipment includes face masks, protective gowns, aprons, overalls, and respirators. Hospitals always equipped with PPE KIT to protect Doctors and healthcare workers and frontline workers.

Global Situation of Covid-19

America tops the list of countries most affected by Corona. In America, 31 lakh people have become victims of infection and over one lakh 34 thousand people have lost their lives.

After that, Corona continues to wreak havoc in Brazil. Similar cases and deaths are being registered here in America. A total of 1.7 million people in Brazil are infected with the virus.

After Brazil, the number of infected in India and Russia is the fastest growing in the world.

US: Case – 3,158,726, Deaths – 134,853
Brazil: Case – 1,716,196, Deaths – 68,055
India: Case – 769,052, Deaths – 21,144
Russia: Case – 700,792, Deaths – 10,667
Peru: Case – 312,911, Deaths – 11,133
Chile: Case – 303,083, Deaths – 6,573
Spain: Case – 299,593, Deaths – 28,396
UK: Case – 286,979, Deaths – 44,517
Mexico: Case – 268,008, Deaths – 32,014
Iran: Case – 248,379, Deaths – 12,084

Underlying condition: It is advised to take extra precautions for the patients who have a history of other ailments like

  • High blood pressure,
  • Diabetes,
  • Asthma,
  • HIV,
  • Cancer,
  • Chronic lung diseases.

They are more susceptible to the effect of COVID-19.

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