Think You’re An Expert In PANDEMIC COVID-19?

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Pandemic Covid-19

PANDEMIC COVID-19 Or An Opportunity.

COVID -19 A Pandemic Or A Beginning Of New Era to do business Globalize Online Through Internet Or work from home. During this pandemic time, most people are at home due to a lockdown.

Many peoples are not able to interact with each other. The Business is shutdown with stict Stay at Home rules by government. All offices are closed due to Pandemic Covid-19 and follow by global reccession.

From The Begining Of The Year 2020. There Is A Panic Nervousness Spread In The World that How To Do Business?


All Businesses are badly Hammered By This Pandemic. Covid19 is a highly infectious disease which spread widely. It spread with just tiny droplets as sneeze by infectious person to Healthy one. May Be You Are Also One Of Them Who Is Badly Affected In This Time.

There Are Some Solutions Which I Want To Share with you. Hope it will be helpfull for you.

Be A Self-Dependable 


In Today’s Situation, All The Big Business Goons Are Going In One Way To Cut overhead Expenses. Which are tolerated and not be necessary. In This Pandemic COVID -19 Pandemic time, all employees are losing their jobs and this problem derives worldwide and occurs a great depression in the world economy. Which bring tough time in employees life.

The Golden words are to make a new way to survive are 

“The Trouble Which We Deal Teach Us, A New Lesson To Survive Every time.”


If Yes, Then This Pandemic Is an Opportunity to deal with it with Trouble and Prove it. This Opportunity Is Rare and is Once In a Lifetime Opportunity.

Where All Others Will Try To Survive Through This Economic Crisis. And want to treat the Pandemic COVID-19 situation. We Can Make Our New Way To Deal With This And Become A Self Reliable Or Self Dependable.

Here Self Dependable Means To Innovate The Field Which You Like The Most And You Enjoy To Do Your Work As A Game.

And It’s True If You Love Your Work And When Work Is Not Only To Earn Money But Your Love Also Then No One Can Stop Us.

Woman work Power in Pandemic

There was a time when companies did not pay attention to work from home. Due to which working women had to compromise career due to family and children’s responsibilities.

Currently, workers around the world are working from home in an applicable lockdown to prevent coronavirus outbreaks. Right under compulsion but the big companies have given the employees permission to work from home.

The company is also planning to implement it for a long time. In such a situation, the work farm home is giving women a chance to return to career. These days, many startup companies from Amazon are taking out vacancies for ‘Work from Home’ keeping women in mind.

A large number of women are applying
According to Jobsforher, a job search portal for women, a large number of applications have been received for work from home job jobs for women. There has been a 30 percent increase in the number of work from home jobs this year over the same period last year.

Neha Bagoria, founder and chief executive of JobsForHer, says that this is a golden opportunity for women looking for a farm home job. These days many companies are offering opportunities for women to work from home. This was not the case earlier, but due to Pandemic Covid-19, companies are giving priority to work from home.

Companies are in demand for these works
New roles being advertised for Work from are as follows:

  • Home include Medical Content Writer,
  • Web Developer and Designer,
  • Art Therapist,
  • Copyright and Patent Professional,
  • SAP Technologists and UI / UX Project Manager,
  • ASP.Net Developers
  • Python Program Developer

Companies that have posted work-from-home profiles on JobsForHer include Amazon, EY, Anand Rathi, Kimberly-Clark as well as startup companies such as Multibhashi, Ufaber Edutech, Crescendo and Hemogenomics.

Virtual office becomes a better option
According to a survey by Gartner, this state of corona transition may prove to be a milestone in the direction of the virtual office. At the same time, many companies are looking for work from home permanently even after the lockdown ends.

Big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon are getting their employees to work from home in America. Twitter and Google have issued instructions to continue working in the same system in their centers around the world till further orders. Microsoft on Monday issued orders to work from home all over the US after Seattle and San Francisco.

Work from home reduced office expenses

According to a recent survey by Gartner, 74% believe that the recipe for working without coming to office is giving better results than expected. They want to implement this system permanently. So that office expenses can be reduced.

Not only this, 81% of HR has even said that they will recruit employees for work from home in future. For this, he has also said to take flexible approach in the terms of appointment. Human resources (HR) of many companies believe that working from home will save a lot in their building cast and travel expenses.

Opportunity During Pandemic Covid-19

There Is Lot Of Opportunities In Online Platform Where We Can Give Service Though Work From Home Concept.

  1. E-Commerce.
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Web Designing.

Choose Any Of Your Field Which You Like And Make An Ambition.

 If You Still Not Be A Successful In It Then Believe That better opportunity is waiting for you so Don’t Give-up.






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