MONSOON and Skin care know how to Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts in 2020.

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In Monsoon Season it is necessary to take special skincare. If you want to keep your skin bright and youthful. Then you can take skincare by adopting some special home remedies.


As soon as the MONSOON season comes, there is relief from the scorching heat, but the sticky heat starts in this season. Many types of skin infections also increase during monsoon. In addition, people who have oily skin also have problems with pimples and rash on the face. Therefore in this season, you need to take more care of your skin.

How keep care of skin and clean during monsoon?

To keep the skin clean, you must make some changes to your routine. You must do facial cleansing, toning, and moisturizing regularly. We are telling you some important tips for skincare during the monsoon season, with the help of which you can keep your skin healthy.

Winter is the season of summer or rain if you want to have blooming young skin. then you have to take skin care regularly. Daily cleaning is very important for this. Skincare is to be done under the following four steps.

1 Exfoliation– Regardless of the weather, you have to do skin exfoliation 2-3 days a week. This removes the dead skin cells deposited on your face and clears the skin. Skin exfoliation gives you glowing skin. You can use some household exfoliators. You can use tea bags, sugar, coffee, baking soda, yogurt papaya, and oatmeal.

2 Clearing– Every day you must also do skin cleansing. You will find many types of cleansers in the market, but if you want to make a homemade cleaner, you can use coconut oil, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, honey, lemon, and rose water. This will clear your skin and no side effects are visible on the skin.

skin toning

3 Toning – After clearing, you also have to do facial toning. After washing the face or removing makeup, do toning of the skin. You can use a good skin toner, in addition, you can also use herbal toner like green tea, lemon juice, rose water, cucumber water, and chamomile tea at home.

4- Moisturizing– The next step after toning is to moisturize the skin. This will keep your skin soft and hydrated. If you want, you can use coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and olive oil as a natural moisturizer.

Home remedies for skincare in monsoon

face pack

1-Natural remedy “Multani Mitti. – If there is a problem of pimples and oily skin on the face. Then this is a simple home remedy. Make a paste by grinding Multani Mitti, Clove oil, Sandalwood Powder, and Neem leaves. Now apply this paste on your face and pimples. If you want, you can keep it in a small amount.

2- Camphor Paste-You can do another home remedy to get glowing skincare, take a little ground camphor and add rose water, and Multani mitti to it. Mix all three things well. You apply this paste on your face every day. If desired, you can store this paste in an air-tight container and store it in the refrigerator.

3- Turmeric Paste-In the MONSOON season, you can make a pack by mixing gram flour, turmeric, lemon, and rose water. Apply this pack on the face for 15-20 minutes and then wash it. You will not have skin allergies due to monsoon. Apart from this, it will also give a natural glow to your skin.

Some special tips for Monsoon Season

  1. In the Monsoon Season, use sunscreen every day.
  2. To avoid oil and dirt, wash face 2-3 times a day
  3. Drink plenty of water daily to detox the body.
  4. Avoid applying make-up in the rain as it can close the pores.
  5. Do skincare cleansing, toning, and moisturizing daily.

In Monsoon Season eat food that is easily digested

It is suggested in the month of MONSOON not to have. Food kept overnight. Food is not easily digested in the month of MONSOON. Due to not digesting food properly, there is a possibility of many diseases.

Therefore, during the month of MONSOON, digestible food should be eaten. Avoid eating spicy and oily food. This month, milk and curd should be used very carefully. It is advisable not to eat yogurt in MONSOON. Green vegetables should also be avoided this month.

Always use clean and Filter Water

In the MONSOON season, the disease enters the body through water, so clean and filter water should be taken in this season. In this season special attention should be paid to the purity of water.

Don’t Eat Meat or any Non-Veg in MONSOON

The meat will not be consumed in this season. These things should be discarded and eat sattvic food.

Avoid Evil and Anger

During the month of MONSOON, do not do evil or anger anyone. It is believed that this month is a month to purify the mind. So all kinds of evil and wrong habits should be discarded.

How To Take Skincare in this MONSOON?

In summer, sun, and sweat, the stickiness in the rain makes everyone’s skin dry or black. But, if you try to clean your skin properly every day, then all these problems can be got rid of. Now you must be thinking how? So tell you that at such a time you can improve the skin using the ingredients present in the kitchen.

Preparation of Skincare Scrub.

During MONSOON season, using things like milk and oatmeal can remove excess oil and dead skin cells. So let us tell you some home remedies mentioned by expert Blossom Kochhar, where you can prepare scrub for yourself in a pinch.

  • – Add a little milk in oatmeal powder. Prepare a paste. Apply on the skin and massage for two to three minutes with dry fingers. Leave it for 10 minutes. Wash with water.
  • – Prepare a paste by mixing orange peel and Multani mitti in sandalwood powder. This will remove the dead skin cell from the skin and create a glow in it.

To make the scrub at home,

Mix two tablespoons baking soda, a small spoonful of cinnamon powder, half a lemon juice, and five teaspoons honey. Apply the prepared paste on the skin for five minutes. Wash with water. Keep in mind that you do not have to use it more than twice a week because baking soda can spoil the skin.

Skin Detoxing

How to Detoxing the skin by Home remedies?

Detoxing the skin is very important to avoid allergies, inflammation, and other skin problems during the MONSOON season. You can prepare a special powder at home without using any kind of harsh soap present in the market.

To make it, mix an equal amount of Green Gram powder and Gram Lentil powder. Also, add half quantity of Fenugreek seeds to it. Put these three things in rose water and prepare a paste. Apply on the skin. This will not only cleanse your skin completely but will also make it fresh.

Banana Peel helpful for Detoxing Skin?

Banana peels have such a wealth of properties that you will be shocked to know – mix Multani mitti, gram flour, and sandalwood powder in equal amounts. Keep it full in a tight closed compartment.

While applying on the skin, add a little water in a tablespoon of powder. Prepare a paste. Apply it on the face and leave it to dry. After it dries, wash it with cold water. This homemade mask will help remove dirt from your face.

Tips for healthy skin in the rain, the skin will also say thank you

During the monsoon season, the skin loses its luster due to rain and stickiness, and the skin starts to look lifeless. This season causes excessive sweating, which causes oil to accumulate on the skin, increasing the chances of blackheads and pimples. Therefore, the scrub is very beneficial in this season to keep skin pores oil-free.

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Experts view on Skincare during Monsoon

Beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain says that the scrub removes the tanning and dead cells of the skin. It also removes pigmentation and makes the skin shiny. In this season, one must scrub the face once or twice a week. If your skin is sensitive and you have pimples, do not use a scrub. Instead, you can use a face pack. Face packs also make the skin glow by removing the dead cells from the skin.

Lemon juice,curd Turmeric Scrub

Lemon juice, Lemon peel, Milk, Curd, Turmeric, Almonds present in the scrub reduce skin darkening. Choose the scrub according to your skin type. If you have dry skin, scrub only once a week. But if there are skin sensitive, rough, red patches on the skin then do not use scrubs. For dry skin, make a scrub by mixing Milk or Yogurt in-ground Almonds.

For body skin, use Lofa while bathing. Clean the back with a long-handled brush. Remember the brush should not be too hard. A soft brush, loofa is beneficial. Pumice stone is also helpful in removing dead skin, but it should be used only for the feet.

Household things like Almonds, Oats, Rice Flour, Wheat Bran, Sesame Seeds, etc. can be used to make Scrubs and packs.

Drying of Cucumber or Pumpkin Seeds, Orange, or Lemon peels can be made by grinding and dissolving in water, rose water, curd or milk and scrub can be made.

The Rainy Season is an effect on the skin. For more fashion-related guides click here.

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