You Must Experience Best Moissanite diamond engagement Rings At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

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Moissanite diamond engagement Rings as a Replica of Diamond


Moissanite is a diamond simulant. It is made of silicon carbide. A diamond simulant is a stone that is similar appearance to a diamond, but it is not a real diamond. Its value is also one-tenth of the original diamond. It is very difficult for general Layman to identify which one is Real. The Discovery of its to gave an extra option to buyers. Due to its Price Efficiency, It is Much Popular in Medium range customers.

henry moissan

History of Moissanite

It was discovered in a place known as the meteor crater. In 1893 by scientist Henri Moissan. The name Moissanite is origin from its scientist’s name. Earlier he was believed, that the crystal he was found is a real diamond. This is also true that moissanite stone is also found very rarely under the earth. It is the main reason now which influences the lab-grown crystals. To create a Single moissanite stone in the lab it requires 2-3 months of time.

It is a real stone. Its appearance is a lot like a diamond. Henri Moissan was searching the site of a meteor impact in Arizona. When he found some tiny crystals that appear to be like a diamond. He collects the crystals and took them tested at the lab. Many years, he believed the crystals are diamond. After 11 years he became to know that they were not diamonds. The stone is named as Moissanite. To honor the man that discovered it.

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Moissanite Vs diamond

Difficult to identify by general people which one is real and which is moissanite stone. The Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute also confirmed that it is “much closer to the diamond in overall appearance and heft than any previous diamond imitation.”

By examining the standard of fire and brilliance. It has more fire and brilliance than a diamond. It isn’t as noticeable in small stones. In stones over 5mm, it’s much more noticeable. It is known as “disco-ball”.

Due to its rainbow light quickly flashes around the gem. However, looking at a stone’s fire and is always depends upon the cutting and polishing of the stones. So you cant say that all moissanite have greater fire and brilliance than Real Diamonds.

Moissanite engagement ring

Differences and similarities between Diamond and Moissanite

While moissanite has a very similar look like diamonds. They have many key differences.

  • Moissanite weighs much less than diamonds – 15% lighter, to be real. Due to its weight differences from real. It is sold by length and width in millimeters rather than carat weight.
  • A moissanite stone that looks is equal to the size of a 1-carat diamond will not actually weigh 1 carat.
  • Moissanite and diamond are sold on different platforms on different standards.
  • Moissanite is sold based on size and color (colorless or near-colorless) while diamonds are priced based on their 4 C’s as well as many other factors.
  • Diamonds are harder than moissanite. It ranks 9.25 on the Mohs scale, while diamonds rank 10 on the Mohs scale. While diamonds are harder.
  • Moissanite has more fire and brilliance. It has a refractive index of 2.65-2.69 and diamonds have a refractive index of 2.42. The refractive index is the stone’s ability to bend light.
  • Moissanite’s stones reflection of fire is rated at 0.104, while the reflection of the fire in a diamond is rated at 0.044.
  • Moissanite is much less expensive than diamonds. It can be about $400 to $600 per carat while a one-carat diamond can be anywhere between $2,000 to $20,000.
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Why moissanite is better than a diamond?

It’s all about preference by a customer of Budget whichever stone feels right for you. Due to its brilliance and unique look, It is favorable in low budget customers. While some people love the real diamond so if it is small but it is real. As diamonds have main attractions in ladies due to their brilliance.

diamond tester

Will moissanite pass a diamond tester?

There are diamond testers that identify real or fake stones. They identify by thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of stones. Diamonds and moissanite are good conduct of heat. It is possible for moissanite to identify as diamond on a diamond tester.

But the diamond tester that tests stones on electrical conductivity shouldn’t confuse diamonds and moissanite because they conduct electricity differently.

Is moissanite a precious stone?
It is not a costly stone like a diamond. The only precious stones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Moissanite identifies as semi-precious stones.

Does moissanite get cloudy?
Like diamonds, it will not get cloudy over time. Due to the same brilliance and fire effect, it has the same appearance as a diamond lifetime.

which moissanite diamond engagement rings Sparkle most as Real diamond?

Moissanite, the stone has equal cuts and facets like diamonds. The cuts and facets of stones in a very calculated and specific way. To take in light, channel it, and then reflect it back. Most stones will have between 48 and 58 facets. More Facets on your crystal will bring more sparkle. Though that isn’t the only influence on sparkle.

moissanite diamond engagement rings

What size does Moissanite diamond engagement Rings look fake?

Its appearance is similar to a real diamond, and its price is much less than a real diamond. If you’re in search of a diamond ring at a cheap price. Which doesn’t look fake to others? But have not expensive to the diamond the answer is Moissanite Stone.

Moissanite stone look Immitation if it’s too large above 5mm more diameter. Similarly, if your budget is to buy a 0.50 cent diamond. It’s worthless to buy  6 carats Moissanite if is available at the same price.

Because the looks of 6 carats crystals can also have a dark hue in them under large lighting and reflections. If you want a diamond look stone which difficult to identify others. It is best to buy under 1 carat (which is about 6mm).

sizes moissanite

Sizes popular as Moissanite diamond engagement Rings

It’s available at the site where meteorite impacts. It is found on the outer crust of rough diamonds. Natural Moissanite is rare than diamond, and probably gems stones which used in jewelry.

Moissanite crystals are small and fragmented. Most crystals are 1.5mm (about .015 carats) or smaller. The largest crystal found is measured in 4.1mm. The Moissanite used in jewelry are 100% lab-created

Lab-created crystal has the same quality, light, and sparkle in the natural one. But labs are growing stones that are much larger and better that suits for jewelry.

Hardness of Moissanite

It is a very hard stone that rates 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Diamonds are rated at 10. Rubies and Sapphires are a 9 on Mohs Scale,

How to measure Moissanite

We often refer to the size in terms of carats. Generally, in millimeters (mm.), moissanite is measured. This difference in a common unit of measurement exists because it is a heavier material than a diamond.

The weight measurement can be misleading. A 5 carat Moissanite would be quite a bit smaller (in terms of mm measurement) than a diamond of comparable weight.

Can Massonite Scratch others?

It can scratch other stones. Other Gems are wouldn’t be hard enough to scratch a Moissanite.

best moissanite rings

How Can You Tell Moissanite From Diamond?

from 10x eyeglasses, it is easy to identify the difference between diamond and moissanite. That which one is real. There are many things by which people can get a conclusion of stone is Diamond or moissanite.

  • The Size of the Moissanite Stone. Oversized stone gave the fastest idea of its identity due to looks and size.
  • The Sparkle Qualities of Moissanite vs Diamond The amount of fire that the ring has. Real Stone has more brilliance and light than imitation.
  • The Lighting & Angles That Can Affect Moissanite Appearance The tint of the ring in certain lighting.

Get a detailed explanation more below.

couple moissanite engagemnet bands
  1. The Size of the Moissanite Stone as Moissanite diamond engagement Rings

The easiest way for someone to become suspicious that his stone is an imitation one. The more Big the stone is it gives the identification of un rare to others. A 1-carat diamond ring with easily be used is around $5,000.

You can purchase a colorless 6.00 carat of Moissanite solitaire in the same budget. Which is around Amount $4,669.

The price difference gives the same idea to others like 6.00 carat of the real diamond will budget around $ 98,000 and if it is colorless its may go above $2,00,000. And if I buy it and my lifestyle will tell others that it’s unexplainable that I can buy that costly stone.

moissanite diamond engagement rings

Now if I can buy 0.50 carat of moissanite diamond engagement rings which is available around $30. Which gives an identical look of real and its suit to your budget( may differ from person to person). If I could only afford a .5 carat diamond, then I should buy a .5, .6, or .75 carat Moissanite stone for example.

That’s an ideal believable range to be in, given the example. Here’s a really nice ring I found, for illustration, that’s has a very reasonable .75 carat center stone (and a 1.3-carat total weight). It’s an identical size, a beautiful ring, and a budget-friendly.

Take a new illustration …To identify the average engagement ring size for couples. 1.2 carats of the crystal is the average solitaire stone. Which is popularly used in the engagement rings. The unique ring had approximately .5 carats of smaller diamonds. Based on the results of that survey, your ring does not identify as large if it’s around 1.2 carats or smaller.

This 1 carat (6.5 mm) Moissanite Solitaire is below $100, it is perfect for those on a low budget. If you have a little more budget, you might consider a bigger size but below 2 carats.

By this view, you have to always be concern about the size of the stone. if you want people to judge that your stone is diamond. If you love it as Moissanite and you can declare that your ring is crystal not real. Then you can go for any size.

The Sparkle Qualities of Moissanite vs Diamond

Take a close look at your diamond. You will notice the dispersal of lights when you tilt the stone from different angles. If you have, then you sure notice its white flashes of light. which is reflected back and colorful sparkles too. The colorful sparkles are the effect of white light.

Which is broken into different colors. It’s just like the color spectrum of light. The same way that a prism would, and then reflected back toward the eye. The breaking down of white light into different colors is known as ‘dispersion.’

Jewelers and Gemologists refer to the colorful sparkles as ‘fire.’ A stone that has more colorful sparkles than average is unique and rear. It has naturally a more fiery stone than diamond. That means it can produce more of the colorful sparkles then to a diamond.

Buyers love the fiery nature of it, and others don’t. When Customers don’t like it, it’s typically because they want others to believe their Moissanite is a diamond. The amount of fiery sparkle could be an indicator that it’s more famous among buyers. Typically only a jeweler or approved valuer would be able to tell a Moissanite stone from a diamond.

sparkle moissanite

The Lighting & Angles That Can Affect Moissanite Appearance

It can take on a slightly different hue under different types of lighting, and from certain angles. Some people say their rings take on a slightly pinkish tint, which they love, in certain lighting. Another theory says some customers seeing a slightly ‘buttery’ (yellow) hue for brief moments. Diamonds and most other stones can appear a bit different under various lighting conditions.

In fact, that’s why jewelers sometimes use very specific lighting setups in their stores. They can use bright lighting to help increase sparkle and hide flaws, they can also infuse colored lighting to enhance the look of their gems. Take a ring outside to get an accurate impression of how it looks under natural lighting. To know the right hue and sparkle of your stone.

It does tend to be a little more reflective than most other gems. Which shows in the slight overtones. Takes on as lighting conditions change. Many of the women we’ve heard from LOVE this occasional tendency of their crystal stone.

In Summary

Moissanite ring isn’t a real diamond. The size of your stone is the easiest way to control the thought of others to identify the stone’s nature. The things that would only occasionally be observable depending on lighting and angle of stones.

Which most people would probably never really notice or think twice about. Only jewelry and valuers are likely to recognize these characteristics. because they have knowledge of distinguishing features of Moissanite.

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