Lapis O Lupo Women Fashion Handbags Faux Leather Top Handle Satchel Purse With Sling

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Price: ₹ 1,699.00 - ₹ 1,189.00
(as of Mar 22,2023 22:22:08 UTC – Details)

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Product Description

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Embark on your style journey with Lapis O Lupo`s extensive range of canvas handbags for women. Embellished with a classy metallic brand plaque, this bag comes with the convenient option of short grab handles and a longer sling strap for added convenience. Step out in style and accessorise your favourite outfits with this trendy handbag cum sling bag from Lapis O Lupo.

Lapis O Lupo Dutch Women’s Handbag (Colour-Turquoise) small handle with Strap. Outer Material PU. Three main compartments. One Internal functional zip pocket or one external zip pocket on the back.

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Women’s Handbag by Lapis O Lupo (Turqoise)

Slay the look of a style diva straight off the cover of high-end magazines with this stylish handbag from Lapis O Lupo which comes with a brand plaque which adds to its stylish look. Conquer the parameters of high-fashion with this classy bag that is at par with international style trends.

Excellent craftsmanship

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This classy and iconic bag is made out of canvas material which is durable as well as smooth to the touch. Dazzle everyone with your flawless sense of style with this trendy handbag that flaunts gold accents on its turquoise body.

Equipped with zipper closures, the main compartment of this ladies` bag keeps your essentials safe and secure throughout your lengthy commutes. Grab all the attention at parties with this trendy sling bag from Lapis O Lupo.

Accoutred with a brand plaque, this handbag for women is perfect for special occasions and for casual occasions alike because of its unique and trendy design. Look like a million bucks with this stylish bag from Lapis O Lupo that will make everyone admire your impeccable sense of style.

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Sturdy grab handles

If you are looking for a fabric handbag for women that comes with sturdy grab handles, then look no further than this Lapis O Lupo handbag! It is high on style and easy to carry because of its sturdy twin grab handles.

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Side-buttons for added shape

This elegant handbag from Lapis O Lupo comes with side-buttons which adds shape and form to your bag without compromising on its spacious capacity. Accommodate your essentials in this neat and compact handbag which offers you a spacious capacity without compromising on style.

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Gold studs on the bottom

This classy handbag from Lapis O Lupo features gold studs on the bottom which gives it a sturdy shape as well as accentuates its classy look. Take this bag with you everywhere and bask in the compliments of having a flawless sense of style!

Product Dimension: 11″ W x 8″ H x 5″ D ; Handle Length-15 CM with 27″ Adjustable shoulder Strap

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