All You Need know about Best Characteristics of Diamonds In 2020.

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Characteristics of Diamond

Characteristics of Diamonds

  • What are Diamonds?
  • Why diamond is so popular?
  • How to identify the right one ? …

Let’s find the answers to all this in simple ways to get a proper idea. As we all know the beautiful lines are

“Diamonds are forever ” DeBeers popular tag line. De Beers Group is an international corp that specializes in diamond exploration, diamond mining, diamond manufacturing sectors.

The company is currently active in open-pit, large-scale alluvial, coastal and deep-sea mining. it operates in 35 countries and mining takes place in Botswana, Nambia, South Africa, Canada, and Australia.

Main Characteristics of Diamonds are 4 C’s of Diamonds 

  1. CUT

1. Cut according Diamond Shapes


Round Brilliant Cut is the main characteristics of diamonds in the round brilliant cut is the most popular shape of the diamond. …

  •     Princess-Cut.
  •     Marquise-Cut.
  •     Cushion-Cut.
  •     Emerald-Cut.
  •     Radiant Cut.
  •     Pear Shaped.
  •     Oval-Cut.

Out of which most popular are ROUND, MARQUISE, EMERALD Diamonds.

2. Colour Grading

Another main characteristics of diamonds is the Colour Grading of a diamond is measured.

Dimond Colours
  • “D, E, F,”  rank diamonds are known as white, off white or colorless Diamonds.
  • G, H, I, J” rank diamonds are known as slight color. It is identified in 10x EyeGlass only. Hence, we can see through nacked Eyes under special eyeglasses. It shows slight color Yellow or Slight Brown.
  • “K, L, M, N” rank diamonds are the noticeable color from naked eyes that they have yellow tich or reflect yellow color in white Light.
  • “O, P to Z” rank diamond is totally color like lemon shade and easily identify.


Diamond size
  • 0.01 cents to 1.50 cents diamonds are known as Star Diamonds. As they are too small and used in minute works. Like creating Diamond studded watches and delegate Jewellery.
  • 1.51 cents to 6 cents diamonds are known as Melle Diamonds.
  • 8 cents diamonds are known as  1/12 diamonds. In 1 Carat they contain 12 pcs of 8 cent diamonds.
  • 10 cents diamonds are known as 1/10 diamonds. In 1 Carat they contain 10 pcs of 10 cent diamonds.
  • 20 cents diamonds are known as 1/5 diamonds.
  • 30 cents diamonds are known as 1/3.


In diamond, the main Characteristics of Diamonds is the clarity of it. It is identified  or measured in terms as

Characteristics of Diamonds 1
  • FL/IF: FLAWLESS OR INTERNALLY FLAWLESS MEANS there is not any inclusion in diamond and its rare.
  • VVS1/ VVS2: VERY VERY SLIGHT INCLUSION which identified under 10X eyeglass. there are minute inclusions that occur in diamonds.
  • VS1/VS2: VERY  SLIGHT INCLUSION which identified under 10X eyeglass, not much effort required to find inclusion under 10x eyeglass.
  • SI1/SI2/SI3:  SLIGHT INCLUSION which easily identified under 10X eyeglass. not much effort required to find inclusion under 10x eyeglass.
  • I1/I2/I3: INCLUSIONS are the blocks. which cover from 1/4 to 2/3rd of the diamond and make a poor image. inclusions are easily identified under 10X eyeglasses. Some times it can identify though nacked eyes also.

Diamond Price Index In India

Now you can feel happy wearing diamond as well as knowing its increasing value. In order to increase transparency in the diamond market and attract investors, jewelry companies are taking various initiatives.

Diamond retailer Divine Solitaire has started its own Diamond Price Index, through which you can know the price of diamonds you ever bought from the company.

Not only this, it will also give you information about the price of a diamond according to their characteristics of diamonds three years back and the return on investment in it. Currently, the situation is not very clear about the price, quality and authenticity of diamonds. Many buyers are reluctant to buy diamonds and jewelery for this reason.

Jignesh Mehta, managing director of Divine Solitaires, says that apart from characteristics of diamonds jewelry, investment is also a good option, but for this it is necessary to give the right information about the quality of the diamond and the return on investment.

Keeping this need in mind, Divine Solitaire has launched the Diamond Price Index. This index is available online and you can know the price of the diamond at any time by entering the details of the characteristics of diamonds purchased from the company.

When deciding to buy a diamond, one can see what it was worth a few years ago. Such indexes will promote transparency in the diamond market.

Retail diamonds in India account for 95 percent of the unorganized sector, but within the next five years, the organized sector’s share in it will grow rapidly.

Mehta says that the price of solitaire diamond (diamond gem) has increased about 65% in the last three years. It is fast emerging as a reliable investment option.


Diamonds always have a special attraction for female gender consumers. It is easy for its shine and fiery Blaze which allow the buyer to bound to take it. They are bound to take without knowing the right characteristics of diamonds value.

It is only a luxury item. Diamonds are not Investors friendly in nature. Due to its status symbol quality. For its eye-catching ability to others is the main influence.

Hopefully, I gave you ample knowledge about the main characteristics of diamonds . If any query you have you can feel free to make comments Thank you again

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