Best Indian Wedding Themes 2021 goes Viral

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Indian Wedding Themes 2021 have various ways to decorate a big crazy Indian wedding. The most popular choice to help bring inspiration is picking the ideal Best Indian Wedding themes 2021 for your wedding. It gives you a chance to showcase your style statement. Indian wedding theme explores your creativity among your guests by your invitations, place cards, pre-wedding functions, table centerpieces, wedding cake, Social media hashtags for creating a buzz on social media, and many more ways. In Indian Wedding, Gold Jewelry is more attractive. Diamond Ring for Bride make the wedding to next level.

Indian Wedding Themes

To find out the best Indian Wedding themes 2021 from ideas that make you puzzled. This is the toughest job to get out the right ideas that every Bride and Groom want. Some want to go the romantic route or keep things modern. Find out the Best Indian Wedding theme 2021 is the first step, after you decide the right theme you want you can officially move forward with the rest of your plans.

Different types of Best Indian Wedding Themes 2021

Indian Wedding bollywood Theme

Best creative Indian wedding themes, from retro-style weddings to weddings inspired by the Bride and groom’s favorite TV show Theme. The unique style of decoration that attracts the persons to the Unique Theme gave richness to each marriage and pull it off. The most Bollywood attractive themes like DDLJ or Hum aapke Hain kaun are mostly popular in India for authentic Indian Marriage. Wedding themes for waterfall, beach theme weddings are also in trend.

Fairy tale as Indian Weddings Themes decoration

Every Bride wants a wedding like a Disney princess as sees a dream of her prince charming in her childhood stories. The bride’s beautiful hairstyle and makeup make the prince charming to attract toward him. For perfect Starting from the decoration, the designer dress code, the menu and ending with the dream fairy tale honeymoon.

The main attraction of the food menu gone viral when they have names according to the Fairytale characters and the segments are divided among fairytale places. Match your dress with your Groom and for a dramatic entrance, you can use the chariot for the arrival. This wedding theme will take you to the Dream fantasy world of magic.

Royal Indian Wedding Themes decoration

Royal Indian Wedding Themes

Get married in a royal way and feel like a royal couple on your wedding day. For a royal wedding, nothing less than a classic palace or royal fort as your wedding venue. Find a royal heritage property, a hotel resort, an outdoor location as a royal wedding location.

Make bridal or groom’s entries with traditional grand announcements by a royal knight with those shahnai and band groups. You can go for live Nagada players with huge Dolby sound effects to fit in the theme. Make sure you add a touch of grand in the menu too. your wedding caterer while deciding menu on the wedding food and include food and drinks all be for a royal-themed wedding.

Lucknavi Andaz Indian Wedding Themes

City of nawabs Lucknow is also known for its delicacy. So if you want your wedding in this Nawabi style, go for lucknavi wedding theme. The venue be a royal place which is covered with bright colorful and vibrant glass will make this wedding ceremony more attractive and beautiful.

The dress code of the bride will include sharara suits, which will be of royal colors and the groom will be wearing authentic traditional sherwani with churidar with royal jewelry. For the bride’s jewelry ‘Pasha necklace’ is one of the most attractive jewelry is favorite among them. The wedding menu will be designed as royal Lucknawi dishes such that it shows the Nawabi royal past.

Apno Rajasthan as Indian Wedding Themes

rajputana bride

The Royal Rajasthani ‘Rajwada’ wedding theme is the authentic choice for your big day. Rajasthani Wedding theme is also covered as Rajwara Wedding Theme or Rajputana Wedding Theme. This wedding theme is a royal treat for your family and friends.

The bride arrives in a beautiful, ‘Doli ’ and the groom on ‘white Ghodi’ or horse. For this theme, you can even arrange ancient Rajasthani folk performances like Ghoomer dancers, folk singers, which make the memorable day and be the best entertainers for guests.

Beautiful Beach as Indian Wedding Themes for summer

Beach wedding themes

Beaches are always attracted by their nature view of every couple. So every couple happy to have Wedding day on the beach. Some famous Beach party sites in India are Goa, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Mandharmoni in West Bengal, etc. Hire an Expert wedding planner so that they can suggest what you want for your exceptional dream wedding.

The decorations should be smooth and light in nature and not too loud. The dress will be perfect if it is pastel or light colors which will enhance the look of the perfect Bride and Groom.  Your Looks make you feel perfect Bride with the cold Beach air. The food will be according to the Beach Indian Wedding themes. Keep the authentic Indian food with the beach Theme like Seafood which will complement the theme.

Vintage or Mughal as Indian Wedding Themes

Vintage Wedding Themes

As all prefer ‘Old is gold,’ like this phrase people attract to the vintage or Mughal as Indian wedding themes. From the vintage Mughal theme to a British Victorian-era, the favorite among the people to Grand Wedding looks. The Mughal theme can be arranged  From props and background drops to menu and wedding dress outfits.

 Assumed the Vintage Theme gave a grand look to your wedding where you are in the royal Vintage era. The vintage wedding theme is popular in newly engaged couples. A royal Mughal style wedding will bring you back to ancient history.

The English theme will make for a function or a fabulous vintage era themed in Indian-style wedding. This will capture all the hearts of guests who visit the venue.

South Indian wedding theme Inspired

south indian wedding Theme

South Indian Wedding as a pure Indian wedding Themes is popular for its simplicity and cultural inspiration. It has the charm of simple south Indian weddings. It is very true if we say that all south Indian weddings are similar in culture and tradition.
Traditions and the diversified culture involved in these South Indian weddings.

That makes India’s collective culture a beauty to adore. All the decoration and Temple wedding make its ritual and religious look. The priority of Gold jewelry is much more than any other culture. The wedding menu is also served with a Banana Leaf plate look authentic Hindu Wedding.

Casino Theme

Having a casino-themed wedding can be a great way to manage guest Busy and enjoy interactive games. It gives you the chance to glamour up the wedding style. your wedding venue bedazzles to resemble something out of Hollywood movies.

It also makes the solution to the eternal problem to keep the guests occupied busy than getting bored. The great thing about casino games is that all ages guests can enjoy the theme and there’s something for each and every one.

Adult Family members can gather around a game of poker. And the kids can be busy entertained by Imitation token money with casino games. There is the surprise of Big Jackpot be make attractive given as a present to the bride and groom.

Indian Bollywood wedding Theme as Indian Wedding Themes

Bollywood wedding themes

All Wedding or Bachelors Night or Mehndi Night all start with Bollywood wedding Songs and inspired by Bollywood Themes be perfect for Indian Wedding Themes. This Bollywood Theme style makes a wedding day a most memorable one for each and everyone Guest present at your big crazy wedding.

If you want a make it dramatic and energetic setting at the venue then go for Bollywood Theme. All the settings can be planned in bold Bollywood style the Food menu staff be also dressed as Bollywood-inspired characters to be a special attraction.

Village wedding Theme

If you want a pure Indian ethnic touch on your wedding day then go for an Indian village wedding theme. It is a pleasure to get married in the Village with Greenery, silent, quiet, and pleasant surroundings of the village. This can be a dream alike wedding.

Nature Green

Green Indian Wedding Themes

Green is the color of Nature and in nature’s lap, you make a wedding is pure and authentic. It is a soothing color that makes relaxes eyes. From the decoration of the venue to outfits of wedding couple bride and groom all will be a touch of green shade. Flower Decorating with leaf will make the wedding venue’s look unforgettable and mesmerizing.

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