Best way to Celebrate 74th Indian Independence Day 2020.

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India will celebrate its 74th Indian Independence Day 2020 on 15 August. On 15 August 1947, India attained complete independence from the British rule. Right now the whole world is fighting with Corona pandemic. So the Government of India has this year laid the theme of Indian Independence Day 2020 on ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign.

India Independence Day

Residential commissioners of all states are campaigning the use of indigenous goods by linking them to the Self-Reliant India Campaign. The Resident Commissioner is posted in Delhi of the respective states as representative.

PM Modi Speech on 15th August 2020

Indian Flag

PM Modi’s speech on August 15, preparations for Indian Independence Day 2020 in the Corona transition period are also going on in a different way.

Due to social distancing, VVI will be counted frequently. Josh Kharosh of school children too could hardly be seen this time. Cadets of NCC, Scout-Guides can definitely be present as navigates in the front line.

This time the speech will look somewhat different from the ramparts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Red Fort. There will be a vibrant speech filled with Nationalism, Swadeshi, Self-Reliance (Atma-Nirbhar). Extensive arrangements are being made to broadcast the speech on social media.

74th Indian Independence Day 2020 Speech:

In the Indian Independence Day 2020 speech, Prime Minister can also throw light on India’s role in Corona’s vaccine production. This will be the first time that the military band will be performed at all the places in Delhi with the historical ramparts of the Red Fort which have somehow contributed to the long struggle for independence. The main purpose of the military band’s performance will be to make it accessible to every household in the country through online media and broadcasting.

Historic sites related to modern technology are being chalked out. All Government Buildings Illuminate Residential Commissioners of various states posted in Delhi were asked to illuminate all government buildings and state buildings from August 14 to 16.

Independence Decoration

The online meeting of the Secretary of Defense with the Resident Commissioners was held on 7 July last. In the one-page agenda paper, instructions have been given by the Secretary of Defense that no such event should be organized on the occasion of Indian Independence Day 2020 which violates the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Social Distance and Defense.

Online Gala – Online Quiz on Indian Independence Day 2020 :

On the occasion of Indian Independence Day 2020 being celebrated in the Corona period, an online quiz can be organized on online India-gala and my-gov-dot-in to spread enthusiasm among the general public. To keep the nationalist and patriotic spirit awake, screening of films can be done on the occasion of Independence Day.

1500 Indian Independence Day 2020 Guests are Corona Warriors

Lal Killa Flag

74th Indian Independence Day 2020 celebrations to be held in a different way, not common people at Red Fort, just 1500 peoples are invited.

India, like the rest of the world, is currently fighting the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the discussion started on how Indian Independence Day 2020 would be celebrated on 15 August. It has been learned that this time there will be only 1500 people at the Red Fort. There will be no presence of common people. Rather only Corona Warriors would be called there.

This time at the Red Fort, on Indian Independence Day 2020 celebrations will be celebrated in a very different way with social distancing. At the same time, the biggest surprise will be – in addition to frontline warriors in the war from Corona. Some people who have been cured after winning the battle with this disease.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi can address the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort in the presence of around 1500 Corona Warriors and the recovered people.

Flag hoisting, parade and PM will be addressed to the nation

Giving information about the preparations for August 15 at the Red Fort, it was informed that in view of the threat of Coronavirus, a lot of revenge will be seen this time. Flag hoisting, parade, and PM’s address to the nation… all three will be as before. There will be no cuts or alterations in security, but this time it will be stronger.

Only 1500 Guests Invited instead of 10K

Every time around 10 thousand people used to witness this national festival in the Red Fort Ground, but this time there is a demand to invite about 1500 Corona Warriors in their place.

The objective is that this will help to boost their morale in fighting this epidemic and the Prime Minister can give a positive message through them to the country which is suffering from Corona.

Indian Religious

Each time 800 chairs were placed on both sides of the Prime Minister’s Stage at the ramparts of the Red Fort. There used to be 375 chairs on one side and 425 chairs on the other side. These are being reduced to around 150 this time.

All the VVIPs used to sit above, they will sit on the ground this time. It is learned that about 400 NCC cadets have been called in place of 4200 normal school children. All these will be from different schools in Delhi.

Corona’s impact on Indian Independence Day 2020 program:

Guidelines of Home Ministry people – use technology, avoid mass organizing.

Amidst the Coronavirus Infection, everyone had a question as to how Indian Independence Day 2020 would be celebrated this year. The Home Ministry has issued advisory for this on Friday.

It was told that on August 15, Modi will hoist the tricolor, he will be given the Guard of Honor, he will also give the speech. However, there will be no crowded program.

According to the advisory, it is advised to avoid mass events on Indian Independence Day 2020. It says that technology should be used to celebrate the festival of independence. The Home Ministry has taken this advice in view of the increasing infection of Coronavirus in the country.

Risk of Infection

The advisory states that it is necessary to follow certain rules in view of the risk of Infection. Measures like Social Distancing, Mask, Sanitization will have to be adopted.

Do not rush, it has to be taken care of. The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home and Health have to be followed. The ceremony should be broadcast live via webcast.

Advice to State Governments

State Governments have been advised to invite doctors, other health workers, and sanitation workers to the function of the event. Those who have defeated Corona, ie those who have recovered after the infection, may also be called to the ceremony.

In view of the increasing cases of Corona Virus Infection, the Central Government has not allowed large numbers of people from all states to gather on the occasion of Indian Independence Day 2020.

To follow the physical distance law and to ensure the webcast of Indian Independence Day 2020 programs. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued consultations to states to Inviting physicians, health, and sanitation workers. Such as Corona warriors in the 74th Indian Independence Day 2020 celebration, keeping in mind their outstanding services in the fight against the epidemic.

It says that people who have recovered from the infection should also be invited. “Therefore, all the events should be maintained in such a way that a large number of people do not gather and the best use of technology for the event is done,” the consultation states.

Atmanirbhar Bharat‘ or ‘Self-reliant India’

It said that the programs should be telecasted through online so that they reach a large number of people who will not be able to participate in them. The Ministry said that it would be appropriate that the theme of ‘Self-reliant India‘ or ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat‘ declared or called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It should be properly publicized through messages of various activities and programs during Indian Independence Day 2020 celebrations.

It said that every year Indian Independence Day 2020 is celebrated with Grandeur, Joy, and Enthusiasm. This year too, Indian Independence Day 2020 will be celebrated in a manner that suits the occasion.

In its consultation, the Ministry of Home Affairs said that it is mandatory to follow certain precautionary steps while organizing various programs or activities for Independence Day celebrations.

Amid global epidemic. It said that these steps include maintaining physical distance, wearing masks, proper sanitation, avoiding overcrowding, keeping sensitive people safe, and guidelines issued by the Health and Home Ministries regarding COVID-19 To follow.

The Delhi Police and the Armed Forces will offer a salute to the Prime Minister, hoist the national flag and salute 21 guns, the Prime Minister’s speech, the national anthem immediately after the speech and finally, the tricolor balloons in the sky at Delhi’s Red Fort Would be included.

‘At Home’ reception will be held in Rashtrapati Bhavan. The Home Ministry said that certain guidelines have been set for Indian Independence Day 2020 celebrations at various levels in the states and union territories.

74th Indian Independence Day 2020 Celebration Shedule by states

At the state level, there will be a program in the states and union territories after 9 o’clock in the morning which will include the unfurling of the national flag by the Chief Minister, playing the national anthem, presentation of a guard of honor by the police, speech of the Chief Minister and singing of the national anthem.

The kind of celebrations mentioned at the state level will be organized at the district, subdivision or block level, and panchayat headquarters or big villages.

At the district level, the national flag can be hoisted by the Chief Minister or District Magistrate of the state, Sub Divisional Magistrate at the subdivision level, and the Sarpanch or the head of the village at the Panchayat level.

In relation to the ‘At Home’ reception by Governors or Lt. Governors, the matter will be discretionary of the Governors and Lt. Governors.

The consultation said that the presentation of police and military bands can be recorded at places of historical importance associated with the freedom movement and these recorded events can be shown during mass ceremonies through large screens and digital media and on social media. Can.

Due to Pandemic, it’s essential to follow the Precautionary measure to avoid COVID Risk. But the Enthusiasm of 74th Indian Independence Day 2020 Celebration made by every Indian will never be Low.

So, Happy 74th Indian Independence day 2020

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