The Story of Best INDIAN BRIDAL JEWELRY in 2020 has Just Gone Viral!

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Indian Bridal Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

During the wedding season, the question arises what is Indian Bridal Jewelry. India is a country where gold is popular as the safest Investment. And if it is in terms of jewelry then it is most attractive for every man and women.

Indian Bridal Jewelry is very popular in both male and female customers. Lets we try to see what are the different types of jewelry available in the market.


Gold Jewelry

Pure Gold Jewelry or 22 Kt Jewelry is most commonly found as Bridal Jewelry. Where 22 kt is equal to 91.60% in terms of purity. Rest in 22 kt jewelry 8.40% is alloy mixing which makes jewelry hard. This help jewelry mold to gave strength to jewelry to long last.


Temple Jewelry

Temple Bridal Jewelry is also known as hollow jewelry. Inspired by mythology, Jewelry gives an ethnic look. Can be worn with traditional and fusion outfits.

In which 22kt gold after melt pour into casting dice of god goddess structure after finish with other apparels like a pearl, ruby, emerald stones as hanging it became look so heavy look and enhance the status of the buyer.

Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl has been a favorite of most ladies. It is the budget-friendly jewelry is in trends. As in this jewelry, the majority of apparels used is a pearl with thread string. Along with a gold locket, bracelet, and others.

Pearl Looks, Royal

This jewelry gives a royal look. During these days a lot of variety is being made available in Pearl Jewelry. For example, a multi-layered necklace with pearl stones is being given a royal look.

Beautiful pearls are prepared by choosing small pearl stones in the forehead. The trend of Pearl Stones is also seen in Nath

Budget-Friendly Pearls

Budget Jewelry

If you want to try something new, then you can make Pearl a combination in floral jewelry. This will make your bridal look even more beautiful. Their price starts at 500.


Antique jewelry is jewelry where gold Bridal Jewelry looks like antique and old jewelry. But the shining and glow will remain as new. This trend is so popular. Due to the Marvellous look of jewelry. It is very attractive to buyers. It has a weight of around 80 gms in sets. Due to its weight and bigger look its eyecatching in women.


Jadau Kundan Bridal Jewelry

Jadau jewelry is jewelry that has a base of 22 Kt mold. It is grained with stones. Along with  24 kt Kundan paper leaf. The mold is filled with wax and the stones. which is put on it with a 24 kt gold leaf in a unique manner. That the 24 kt gold shines and became eyecatcher. Kundan jewelry weights start around 70 gms Necklaces set. It is also popular in Indian Traditional Wedding. Women are very fond to buy the Kundan Bridal Jewelry.

I have lots more interesting facts regarding Indian popular jewelry trends as per my knowledge I will update you with regular intervals.

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