Ikkai Organic Berry Blush Souffle(Face pack) wth Vitamin E, Preservative Free, Chemical Free, All Skin Types, 100 g

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Price: ₹ 495.00 - ₹ 420.00
(as of Aug 19,2022 16:44:08 UTC – Details)

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The organic nutrients of strawberries and raspberries will nurture your skin cells and help them cleanse from within. Alpha hydroxyl acid extracted from raspberries, protects the sensitive skin type from external impurities. While strawberry extracts provide you a bright skin with its healing properties and remove uneven pigmentation. Antioxidants maintain the melanin production of your skin and boost the natural radiance your skin has. Protects your skin from external pollutants by moisturizing your face. It has no side effects and is made using zero chemical properties. Organic means safe to use. It turns your dull skin into a soft and supple one, giving you a fresh look on your face.

Berry blush face soufflé is unisex and perfect for all skin types
Soufflé comes in a viscous form and is organic in nature with no added preservatives
A healthy and organic treat to your skin that will give you a healthy and smiling skin
The goodness of berries gives your skin a fruity touch and rejuvenates it from within
Berry blush face soufflé is prepared using natural ingredients and herbal vitamins that will give you a natural glow

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