Best Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility and Flexibility in 2021

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The Covid-19 has forced everyone to sit for long periods of time at home. This has an impact on hip mobility and flexibility. Whether it’s for online classes or a job from home. Sitting in this position for an extended amount of time harms both the spine and the glutes.

The most common muscle imbalance in America is tight hip flexors. According to a survey commissioned by Ergotron, the average American spends a complete 13 hours of their day sitting down. With an average of 8 hours of sleep per night, the average American only spends approximately 3 hours per day exercising. All that sitting causes a slew of issues, the most serious of which being overly tight hip flexors.

While popular belief holds that tight muscles are exclusively important to sportsmen, nothing could be further from reality. Tight hip flexors can lead to a variety of issues in everyday life, including:

  • Bad posture
  • A protruding belly (regardless of weight)
  • Higher risk of injury
  • Increased anxiety levels

It’s even worse for athletes. Muscle imbalances are caused by tight hips. When an athlete’s muscles aren’t operating properly, other muscles compensate by making up excuses. This not only increases the chance of injury, but it also implies that these athletes will be unable to perform at their best.

Tight hip flexors, fortunately, aren’t permanent. Hip range of motion can be restored with dedicated stretching and strength training. A list of some of the stretches follows.

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Hip Flexor Stretch to improve hip mobility and flexibility

  • Place your right foot in front of you while kneeling on your left knee.
  • A 90o angle should be formed between your right hip and knee.
  • Feel free to place a pillow beneath your knee if it aches.
  • Place your left hand on your left hip and press your hip forward gently.
  • Your left hip should be in front of your left knee at this point.
  • Make sure you don’t bend forward at the hips and keep your chest high.
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Hip Rotator Stretch to improve hip mobility and flexibility

The hip rotators are a lot more useful than you might think. They allow the pelvis to rotate on the weight-bearing thigh. Hip rotators are activated during activities such as swinging a golf club, dancing, running, and tennis, but they can also be activated while walking.

Hip Thigh Internal Rotators for hip mobility and flexibility

Sitting in a chair is the best position for this stretch.

  • Cross your left leg over your right and vice versa.
  • The left ankle should be crossed across the right thigh.
  • Gently press down on your left leg with your left hand until you feel resistance.
  • Tilt your hips forward. Make sure your back is straight and your chest is high.
  • Hold this stance for around 30 seconds before switching sides.

Rotators exterior to Improve Hip Mobility and Flexibility

This is an activity that should be done while seated in a chair.

  • Cross your left leg over your right such that the ankle of the left leg lies just past the thigh of the right.
  • With both hands, grab your left knee and pull it back and to the right.
  • Consider pulling your right knee towards your right shoulder if that helps.
  • Slowly lean forward at the hips.
  • Check to see if your chest is up, your back is straight, and you aren’t hunched.
  • For 30 seconds, stay in this position.
Lying Hip Rotations to Improve Hip Mobility and Flexibility

Lying Hip Rotations for improve hip mobility and flexibility

  • Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground.
  • Raise one foot and cross the ankle over the knee on the opposing side.
  • Swivel your knee back and forth, keeping your other foot flat on the ground and your ankle on your opposite knee.
  • Keep in mind that in this stretch, only your bent leg will move.
  • Carry on with the other leg.
Hip Mobility and Flexibility

Standing Piriformis Stretch for hip mobility and flexibility

  • Walk your feet forward about 2 feet from the wall while standing with your back against it.
  • Then, at a 45-degree angle, descend your hips to the floor.
  • Raise your right foot and place it on top of your left knee.
  • Your right ankle should be touching your left knee on the outside.
  • In your glutes, you should feel a stretch.
  • Switch legs after about 30 seconds of holding.
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Butterfly Stretch to Improve Hip Mobility and Flexibility

  • Place your feet together on the floor, such that the pads of your feet are placed against one another.
  • With both hands, grab your feet and press them into the ground.
  • Bend your hips at the same time to move your pelvis closer to your heels.
  • Hold the position for 30 seconds.

Traveling Butterfly for hip mobility and flexibility

  • Sit with your back straight and your legs straight out in front of you on the floor.
  • Place your hands slightly behind your hips on the floor.
  • Lift your hips up off the ground and forward towards your heels while pushing your hands into the ground.
  • Your weight will be supported by your arms in the butterfly stance.
  • Return to your starting position and stretch 5 times more.
Hamstring Stretch to Improve Hip Mobility and Flexibility

Hamstring Stretch get best hip mobility and flexibility

Sagittal Plane

  • Make sure your leg is completely stretched and propped up on a bench or chair.
  • Lean forward slightly while keeping your core firm until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings.
  • For 30 seconds, stay in this position.

Transverse Plane

  • Make sure your leg is completely stretched and propped up on a bench or chair.
  • Once you’ve leaned forward, spin your leg from side to side. As your leg rotates from inside to outside, you should feel a different portion of your hamstring stretch.
  • For 30 seconds, stay in this position.
Hip Adductor Stretch

Hip Adductor Stretch for hip mobility and flexibility

  • Kneel on your left knee and place your right foot in front of you to get into lunge stance.
  • To steady yourself, slide your right foot out to the side and place both hands on the floor.
  • Maintain your right knee’s straightness as you lean forward, keeping your hips relaxed.
  • Hold for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat.

Leg Swings to Improve Hip Mobility and Flexibility

  • Keep your feet pointed ahead while standing up straight and hanging onto a chair, counter, or something of similar height for balance.
  • Bring your left leg in front of your right, then extend it out until it is nearly parallel to the ground.
  • Make sure you’re not kicking and that you’re moving smoothly.
  • Rep 10 times on each side, then change sides.
Supine Hip Rotation

Supine Hip Rotation for hip mobility and flexibility

  • Lie down on your back, legs bent and heels flat on the floor.
  • Rotate your feet and knees outwards, then inwards towards each other.
  • Rep 10 times more.

Dynamic Stretches Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility and flexibility for Athletes

Reverse Active Straight Leg Raise

Reverse Active Straight Leg Raise for hip mobility and flexibility

  • Lie down on your back and raise your legs to a straight position.
  • Your back and legs should form a 90o angle as much as possible.
  • Keep one leg straight up while slowly lowering the other to the floor with the help of a strap or band.
  • Maintain a tight core during this procedure since the spine and pelvis are stabilized by the core.
  • On each leg, repeat 5 times.

Single Leg Hip Lift to Improve Hip Mobility and Strength for Athletes

  • Lie down on your back with your feet flat on the ground.
  • A 90o angle should be formed between your knees and calves.
  • Raise your right leg straight up off the floor, leaving only your left foot on the ground.
  • Raise your back off the ground with your glute muscles while maintaining your head and shoulders firmly grounded.
  • Slowly drop the butt and return to the ground while relaxing the glutes. Rep 5 times on each leg, then switch legs.
The Psoas March

The Psoas March for hip mobility and flexibility

  • Place your knees and feet together while lying flat on your back.
  • Then, raise them off the ground so that just your glutes, back, shoulders, and head are in contact with the ground.
  • Wrap both feet in a resistance band.
  • Extend each leg until it is absolutely straight, taking turns. For each leg, repeat 10 times.
The Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat for hip mobility and flexibility

  • Pick up a dumbbell or kettlebell and place it slightly beneath your chin with your hands.
  • Spread your legs slightly wider than shoulder width and descend into a squat stance by breaking at the hips.
  • Pause at the bottom of the squat, then use your glues and legs to pull your body back up to standing position with a tight core.

Strength Training for the Hip and Pelvis

While these stretches will help you increase hip mobility and flexibility and reduce the risk of injury, strength training is also a great way to enhance mobility and reduce the risk of injury. As a result, here are some strength workouts that primarily target the hip flexor muscles:

  • Bridges
  • Split Squat
  • Lateral Squat
  • 4-Way Mini Band
  • X Band Walk
  • 4-Way Cable Hip
  • Lateral Lunges
  • Rotational Lunges
  • Lateral Step Up
  • Rotational Step Up
15-minute hip mobility yoga flow

Yoga as Solution for Hip Mobility and Flexibility

Yoga is the solution to all of your aches and problems. Every part of the body, including the hips and other muscles, can benefit from yoga. All you have to do is follow the yoga instructor Brent Goble’s directions. Here’s a list of yoga poses that can help you improve your hip mobility and flexibility . Take 15 minutes out of your hectic schedule to do the yoga exercises listed below.

Yoga Stretch 1 for hip mobility and flexibility

  • Lower yourself to a kneeling position on the mat.
  • In a mountain position, press the upper back outward, bring the tailbone under, and elevate the hips backwards towards the heel.
  • Hold this position for a few moments and take a deep breath.
  • Then, inhale, bring your feet together and, while maintaining your right toe pointed, pull your right leg straight over to your head.
  • Allow your right hip to align with your left hip. Exhale.
  • While keeping the next knee grounded to the floor, bring the right leg to the outside of the right foot. The extended lizard pose is the name for this position.
  • Continue pulling from the lower belly while lowering to the four arms.
  • Maintain a healthy, straight spine.
  • For roughly 5 breaths, stay in this position.
  • Then, while keeping the right hand inside the right foot, come out to the outer edge of the right foot on the hands.
  • For roughly 5 breaths, stay in this position.
  • Bring your hips back and flex your front foot into Ardha Hanumanasana from the same position.
  • Bring your torso down to the front foot’s knee and touch your chin.
  • Bring your right hand inside your right foot and reach around with your left hand while bending your lower left leg upwards.
  • With your left hand, touch the ankle of your left leg.
  • Return the left foot to its original position and repeat the exercise on the opposite side.
  • Return to your original mountain position and relax in the kneeling position by lowering your head to the floor.

Yoga Stretch 2 for hip mobility and flexibility

  • In Ananda balasana, lie on your back.
  • Bring your knees to your chest while keeping your feet wide. Work on pulling the knees down to meet the mat and flexing the feet with both hands to reach the inner of the feet.
  • For ten breaths, stay in this position.
  • Push yourself up to a sitting position by rolling to your right side.
  • Go into the pose of gomukhasana.
  • Tuck your right feet beneath your left buttock by bending your right leg.
  • Your left and right knees should be overlapping.
  • Raise your left arm above your head and bend your elbow. It’s a good idea to bring your right arm behind your back and interlock both hands at the same time.
  • Take 20 ujjayi breaths and then relax for as long as you want.
  • Let go of your arms as you exhale.
  • Uncross your legs and repeat the process with the other leg.
  • Place yourself in a cross-legged seated position.
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Follow the above instructions in daily routine for get best results in hip mobility and flexibility.

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