Know Best way the Gold Purity of your Jewelry in 2020.

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Know Gold Purity of your Jewelry .

The Gold Reserve of any country is the real economic strength of it. Gold was popular in each era either it was B.C. or A.C. or till now. Gold is the Vibrant Metal which govern the Global Currency and make a large effect on the Inflation of Internation countries. In India Gold is among the Main Assets where Investors Put there Investment without any doubts.

India also known as Gold Heaven Country where aprox. 90% Investors are influence by Gold and Silver Investment. They are made in many ways like Jewelry, utensils, Coins and many more stuffs. But at the time of reveal the profit or make money out of Gold Jewelry there are many pros and cons which is essential to know by every Investors. Lets we reveal the knowledge regarding the Gold Purity and Jewelry or Gold Silver Investments in details:

Karat Purity details

Purity Karat

There is always a confusion regarding the karat Gold Purity which is as 24Kt, 22Kt, 18KT, 14Kt, and 10 Kt always tell by our jewelers and the rates to convert the same also be difficult to general leyman buyers.

Today we will clear all the questions regarding gold purity and gold Karat.

There is a simple logic of  24 kt to 1 kt as equal as 24 kt is identified as 100 % purity and so on. Let’s see the chart with an example.

Gold KaratProcess to IdentifyPercentage of Gold Purity
24 Karat= ( 100/24 ) * 24 =100% Gold Purity
22 Karat= ( 100/22 ) * 24 =91.60% Gold Purity
18 Karat= ( 100/18 ) * 24 =75.00% Gold Purity
14 Karat= ( 100/14 ) * 24 =58.50% Gold Purity

How to calculate the days Gold price?


First, you have to derive Gold Rate today of pure 24 kt Gold price per 10 gms. Then Take Jewelry to Govt Authorizes Local Computer Jewelry Testing Center. The Testing center Lab Test your Jewelry through computer machine and detect the Nearby aprox Gold Purity of the Jewelry. Now there are some machines which can are now detect exact Gold Purity also.

Then You have to calculate the percentage of Gold to the Net weight of the Jewelry. You will get the aprox Pure Gold weight. Multiply the result get from calculation from Gold rate Today. That is the right value of your Jewelry.

 Let’s see an example :

We have 18 kt purity gold chain with 20 gms of Net weight. Pure gold rate today per 10 gms is Rs 45000.00

The calculation is

20 gms x75% = pure 15 gms x(45000/10) = Rs 67500.00 gold value you have.



To sell your old jewelry you should have to take these measures. 

  1. Deal with a fair and reputed jeweler who deals in Gold, Diamond industry for a long time and has a good reputation in the market.
  2. Deal with a jeweler from where Jewellery was made.
  3. Protect the invoice and bills which issue by a jeweler at the time of sale.
  4. Know the current date Gold price and reconfirm with the jeweler before the sale you Gold Diamond Jewellery.
  5. Make to confirm the purity of Your Gold and Diamond JEWELLERY from Gold diamond authentic Testing Labs.
  6. Take a certificate from the Gold Diamond testing lab and produce it to your jeweler at the time of sale.

Gold is an investment-friendly investment and a very safe and sound one. In the last 40 years, gold is giving double the return in 7 to 10 years average.


Global Gold Holdings

 India stands at 10th position in the world Gold reserve holdings by central banks. But in my view, as Gold is so popular in India If we combined the value of the Gold reserve of public and central banks of India. India stands in top 3 positions no doubt…

What’s your opinion

Any more query my audience feels free to comment I sure solve your query.

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