Fostelo Women’s Zara Handbag (Tan) (FSB-1051)

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Price: ₹ 2,199.00 - ₹ 562.00
(as of Mar 28,2023 18:23:07 UTC – Details)

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Zara handbag Product Description

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Women’s Zara handbag is the most popular. Women’s Zara Shoulder Bag by Fostelo – Your modern style companion!

A Zara handbag plays a very important role in a woman’s life. It has to carry around her things and contribute to the beauty of her look at the same time. Therefore, this ladies handbag from Fostelo has been designed keeping in mind the rigours and requirements of daily life while looking elegant as well.

The bag is made out of PU fabric which makes the bag extra durable. Additionally, the stress points of the bag are double stitched and reinforced with hidden nylon strapping as well. The finishing of the bag and the stitching is also made to ensure the increased longevity of the handbag.

The dynamicity of the bag is further enhanced by the aesthetic beauty of the bag. Thanks to its design, you can flaunt this ladies handbag at a wide range of occasions and be the center of attention.

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Zara handbag Spacious zippered compartments

You can make this ladies bag your everyday companion, thanks to its spacious compartments. These compartments are further segregated into smaller compartments and pouches with zips. They enable you to store and carry around your everyday items and knick-knacks in a much-organised manner.

No longer will your bag be a mess after you open it after carrying it around for a while. To further ensure the security of the things you carry around in the handbag, this bag comes with a zippered closure.

Zara handbag Utilitarian and elegant design

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Stud detailing

The details are what makes a bag beautiful. The studs on this bag are one such decorative and utilitarian feature. The studs not only have a practical role of strengthening this ladies bag, but also enhances its beauty. The metallic finish of the stud catches the eye which will make you stand out in a crowd.

External zippered compartment

This ladies handbag features an external zippered compartment. Being on the outside, this compartment is easily accessible thus allowing you to quickly store your small knick-knacks on- the- go.

Additionally, to ensure the safety of the contents of this compartment, it has a zipper on it. It ensures increased safety and privacy for the contents and also protects them from the elements.

Twin grab handles

This ladies bag comes with two grab handles to ensure your ease of carrying it. These handles are robustly built and you can rest easy that they will not tear or get damaged in the course of daily usage.

The handles are designed in such a way so as to distribute the weight of the bag evenly thus ensuring optimum level of comfort for you even when you load up the bag to its brim.

Dimensions (In Inches) :-

9″ Tall X 12″ Wide X 4″ Deep

Compartments :-

2 Zip Compartments And 1 Back Zip Pocket

Zara Handbag Material :-

100% PU |

Colour :-


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