18 weight loss exercises to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes

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Know exercises to burn 500 calories in a daily lifestyle. For most of us, losing those extra pounds is a difficult challenge. On the scale, a daily 30-minute walk or tai chi session may not make a significant difference. The metabolism, people’s body weight, dietary choices, and physical activity all play a role in weight loss.

For a given physical exercise, a bulkier individual loses more weight. Weight loss is aided by a healthy diet. To lose weight, no matter what type of diet a person follows, they must burn more calories than they consume each day. Start by reducing your caloric intake by exercises to burn 500 calories each day to lose around a pound per week.

Have no fear, fitness pal: you can burn 500 calories working out at home in as little as 30 minutes!
As a seasoned remote worker who also enjoys working out, I’ve had to come up with new strategies to burn calories when at home. Here are some of my favorite ways to burn calories:

  • Running
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Cycling
  • Plyometrics
  • Climbing stairs
  • Dancing
  • Housework
  • Bodyweight workouts

The number of calories burned by gym machines in an hour

MachinesCalorie burned
Elliptical trainer: general600 calories per hour
Lifting weights445 calories an hour
 Bicycling stationery: high impact504 calories an hour
Rowing stationery   504 calories an hour
 Step: high impact     600-650 calories per hour
 Bicycling, stationary: vigorous  560 calories per hour
 Rope jumping (slow)600 to 700 calories an hour

Sports exercises to burn 500 calories:

Do you despise working out in the gym? Try athletics, for example. An hour of intensive volleyball play, chasing after that basketball, or playing soccer will easily burn 480 to 500 calories.

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Riding a bike exercises to burn 500 calories

Riding a bike for an hour every day works out the thigh and calf muscles and improves heart health. An hour of pedaling can burn far over 500 calories, depending on weight and effort.

Running exercises to burn 500 calories:

If nothing else, running can assist you in losing weight. A 140-pound person burns roughly 13 calories per minute, or 792 calories per hour if they run quickly and regularly. 

exercises to burn 500 calories

High-intensity interval training exercises to burn 500 calories

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of exercise that alternates times of rest with periods of vigorous action. HIIT can help you burn 25 to 30 percent more calories.

Before undertaking any strenuous training, consult your doctor. Many of the activities listed above may not be appropriate for people who suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis, back discomfort, or spine problems. Begin slowly and steadily. That is more crucial. The importance of resting the body after a workout cannot be overstated.

Calorie Burning Methods exercises to burn 500 calories

A calorie is a unit of heat energy when it comes down to it. To be more scientific, a calorie is the amount of energy required to heat one gram of water by one degree Celsius.

Calories are a measurement of how much energy the body needs to function, according to Medical News Today. Everything from breathing to physical exertion falls within this category.

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What is BMR in Weight Loss Teqnique ?

Even when you’re sleeping, your body needs energy to perform basic functions such as breathing, circulating blood, growing and repairing cells, and creating hormones and enzymes. This is referred to as the Basal metabolic rate (BMR).


The basal calorie burn is influenced by a variety of circumstances, according to Mayoclinic. This includes the following:
Body size: if you’re tall and bigger in general, moving your body around will take more energy.

Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue since it accounts for more of your weight.

Men have less body fat and more muscle than women of the same age and weight, which means they burn more calories.

Age: As you get older, your muscle mass decreases, which slows down your calorie burn.

Calorie burn is influenced by a number of additional factors. This includes microorganisms in the intestines and hormones. According to some research, changes in your gut’s friendly bacteria can affect your resting metabolism.

In terms of hormones, leptin and ghrelin regulate hunger, while insulin regulates metabolism. Insulin, which is vital for glucose management, can also regulate fat metabolism, according to the Department of Health & Human Services, State Government of Victoria, Australia.

exercises to burn 500 calories


There are other elements that impact how many calories you burn per day in addition to your basal metabolic rate. This includes the following:

All of the steps your body goes through to break down and use food as energy, such as digestion and absorption, are referred to as food thermogenesis.

Working and cleaning are examples of things you conduct on a daily basis. Physical fitness is also a part of it. Which gets us to the hot question on your mind, and the reason you came here… how to burn 500 calories when exercising at home.

It’s time to start burning calories in the comfort of your own home (or neighborhood). Unless otherwise stated, all calorie estimations are based on a 155 pound (70 kg) person engaging in 30 minutes of physical exercise. There will be notes on which exercises need more than 30 minutes to do in order to meet the 500 calorie objective.

Keep in mind that your body burns calories in a different way than other people’s. Do you want to know how many calories you burn from different hobbies based on your sex, age, height, and weight?

exercises to burn 500 calories

RUNNING Exercises to burn 500 calories in 30 min workout.

Running and jogging are two of the most effective calorie burners, burning up to 539 calories in 30 minutes at an average speed of 8.6 miles per hour (7 minutes per mile).

If you have a treadmill at home but prefer to use it to drape your clothes, you can overcome resistance to exercise by running while watching your favorite Netflix show. Is there no treadmill? If the weather permits, go for a run outside to soak up some serotonin-boosting sunlight.

Interval running can help you burn more calories. This implies you go all out for a certain amount of time and then actively recover with a jog or a walk. A decent place to start is with a three- to five-minute moderate-intensity run, followed by a 20- to 30-second all-out sprint.

In addition, research shows that running can better manage appetite hormones than walking if your objective is to lose or maintain weight. When relative to walking, you’re more likely to burn more calories than you consume when you run.

If you don’t like running, try power walking instead. Just remember that if you want to burn 500 calories, you’ll need to walk for longer periods of time.

exercises to burn 500 calories

INTERVAL TRAINING WITH HIGH INTENSITY (HIIT) exercises to burn 500 calories

According to some research, 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can burn up to 450 calories.
HIIT is a type of exercise that is performed at a very high degree of intensity for short periods of time, followed by a period of rest or easy recovery. The intense part can last anywhere between 15 seconds and many minutes.

Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT) if you want to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time (HIIT). This workout asks you to repeat high-intensity exercises as soon as possible in order to burn fat. Experts believe that these are more effective at burning fat than cardio routines. HIIT increases post-exercise oxygen consumption, allowing you to burn calories even after you’ve finished working out.

Should You Do HIIT Every Day?, as described in the article, A typical HIIT workout consists of 5-8 exercises performed for 30-60 seconds each, with 20-30 second rest periods in between. The rigorous workouts put your body in anaerobic mode, which helps you burn more calories and fat.

HIIT can be done at home and includes activities such as biking, jumping, and running. Tabata is one of the many HIIT workouts available. A Tabata workout is exerting maximum effort for 20 seconds, resting for 10, then repeating the process for a total of four minutes.

exercises to burn 500 calories

CYCLING exercises to burn 500 calories

There are minor differences in calorie burn when pedaling outdoors versus indoors, according to Harvard University. They calculate that a 155-pound person burns 260 calories riding a stationary bike at a moderate pace while burning 298 calories outside pedaling.

In a study on bike-based workouts, researchers discovered that if exercisers intersperse longer times of easy recovery in sprint interval training, they can burn up to 200 calories more in as little as 2.5 minutes of concentrated strong work.

exercises to burn 500 calories

Exercises to burn 500 caloriesutilizing plyometrics

Plyometrics can help you burn 500 calories in an hour, according to Health Research Funding. Jump training exercises are known as plyometrics. These are exercises that require your muscles to exert maximal effort for brief periods of time in order to improve power, speed, and stamina.

Because many plyometric activities demand strong ligaments and tendons, according to ACE Fitness, anyone incorporating plyometric exercises should already have an established training and strength regimen.

Plyometric exercises not only help you burn calories but also help you build muscle. You must complete a specified number of reps and strive to complete the session as quickly as possible, just like in an HIIT workout.

exercises to burn 500 calories

Exercises like as

  • high knees,
  • squats,
  • push-ups,
  • alternating lunges,
  • butt kicks,
  • mountain climbers,
  • leg raises

All these can be included in this practice. Each exercise should be repeated three times for a total of 12 repetitions. This will tone your physique and fire up your muscles in no time. The shorter the labor period, followed by a lengthier rest interval, the more explosive or intense the movement. Some workout gives the example of three reps or 10 seconds, with a 20-second or two-minute rest period.

exercises to burn 500 calories

Exercise to burn 500 calorieswith Stair workouts

We’ve all heard about stair workouts, but few of us actually perform them. Find a stairwell and use dumbbells to move up and down it. This will help you work multiple muscles at once and burn a significant amount of calories. Use dumbbells ranging in weight from 2 to 5 kg.

In general, a stair stepper burns roughly 225 calories per half hour. Climbing stairs is dependent on whether you have used a stair-step machine or if your home or apartment has steps. You may also think outside the box and see if there are any outdoor stairs in your area that you could use.

Work out with weights on the stairs as an added bonus. This will prepare you for real-life scenarios like hauling groceries home.

Set a goal for how many times you’ll go up and down the stairs, and vary your speed and how many steps you skip on the way up to keep your stair workouts interesting. It’s not a good idea to try skipping stairs on your way down because it’s risky.

exercises to burn 500 calories

DANCING exercises to burn 500 calories

Dancing is a fun and sometimes surprising way to burn calories. Zumba classes, for example, can burn up to 225 calories in half an hour. Disco, ballroom, and square dancing burn approximately 205 calories each half-hour.

To burn 500 calories each hour, do the following activities/exercises.

Dance: The majority of dance genres focus on the core muscles, particularly the back. Legs and arms are worked in faster types of dance, such as jive and salsa. So, dance your way to better health! Belly dance can burn between 450 and 500 calories per hour if done vigorously for an hour. It also tones the belly, is a lot of fun, and will most likely help you meet new people.

exercises to burn 500 calories

Zumba exercises to burn 500 calories:

This high-intensity dance can help tone muscles, stretch joints, and burn about 500 calories in an hour.

Rumba exercises to burn 500 calories

Another option for stretching is the rumba. This helps you lose roughly 450 to 550 calories per hour while improving flexibility and muscle strength.

exercises to burn 500 calories

Aerobic dances exercises to burn 500 calories:

An hour of aerobic dancing, whether high-impact or low-impact, burns between 510 and 530 calories. People with poor bone mass, joint pain, or osteoporosis should avoid high-impact aerobics since it involves a lot of jumping and moving.

However, you don’t have to go to a class or join a club to reap the benefits. Try a solo dancing party or get your roommates or kids involved. If you’re stranded at home, crank up the music and dance to your own beats, or watch a dance video.

According to the American Council on Exercise, dancing is a weight-bearing sport that can enhance bone density, prevent chronic diseases, improve muscle strength, and improve coordination and balance, in addition to its cardiovascular advantages.

It also has psychological benefits for many people because it is pleasurable and interesting. According to ACE, it can aid in the reduction of stress and exhaustion while also enhancing energy, attitude, and self-esteem.

exercises to burn 500 calories

HOUSEWORK exercises to burn 500 calories

That’s right, you can burn a lot of calories while doing something helpful. It’s no surprise that performing housework makes you sleepy.

If you have access to a lawn or garden, these are great ways to get some fresh air, vitamin D, and a workout all at the same time. At 205 calories every half hour, mowing the grass is one of the most calorie-burning activities. Weeding and regular gardening burn approximately 170 calories each half-hour.

Cooking burns about 90 calories per half hour, while vigorous cleaning burns about 170 calories per half hour. Moving household furniture burns roughly 220 calories if you wish to rebuild or reorganize. Spend more time with your children while also burning calories. Playing with them vigorously for half an hour can consume up to 185 calories!

BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS exercises to burn 500 calories

You don’t have any weights or exercise equipment at home? Don’t be concerned! Weightlifting, which includes using your own body weight, burns approximately 112 calories each half-hour.
It’s worth noting that the first calorie burn appears to be much lower with strength-training exercises than with the other activities we’ve studied thus far.
Emily Trinh of Fitbod explains in her post Can Bodyweight Exercises Be Done every day that you not only lose fat while training with your own weight, but you also burn calories afterward. Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption is to thank.

This works because your body needs calories to restore its oxygen and glycogen stores while bringing your heart rate and temperature to normal. Your exercise should be more intensive to achieve a bigger EPOC effect.

Bodyweight workouts can also help you gain more calorie-burning muscle. Emily says that you can grow muscle with your own body weight, but you should focus on muscle strength, which means gradually doing more than you were doing before. This is the key to maintaining a high-calorie burn!

exercises to burn 500 calories

Additional tips to motivated to regular exercises to burn 500 calories

  • Add more weight
  • Shorter rest times
  • Increase volume
  • Perform variations of one movement
  • Every Bit Counts

Adults should complete at least 150 minutes to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week, according to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition.

Alternatively, 75 to 150 minutes of high-intensity aerobic physical activity per week. They should also engage in muscle-strengthening activities at least twice a week. The suggested level of movement hasn’t changed, but now even small amounts can help you achieve your objective. Even a minute or two at a time can make a difference.

This quantity of exercise does not have to be completed all at once. The same may be said for achieving your 500-calorie burn target. You can combine some of the actions we discussed above to burn 500 calories while exercising at home.

Here’s an example of how you can make your daily activities add up to 500 calories:

  • 30 minutes of mowing the lawn = 205 calories
  • 15 minutes stair workout = 110 calories
  • Playing with kids 30 minutes = 185 calories
  • Total: 500 calories!
exercises to burn 500 calories

Keep Motivate yourself to not loose Hope Maintain Motivation

The most vital point you can do is stick to all of the calorie-burning workouts listed above! This will be the most important aspect in determining your long-term success in achieving your objectives. It’s easy to get bored with your workouts or have life events interfere with them.

  • Set Goals
  • Make it Routine
  • Track It
  • Do the Things You Love Find Accountability

Workout with intervals exercises to burn 500 calories

Running is one of the simplest and most effective ways to lose weight and tone your body. The best aspect is that it can be done by anyone. Run at different speeds for 30 minutes to obtain the most advantages. You have the option of running outside or on a treadmill. Begin at a comfortable pace and gradually increase your speed. If you don’t want to run, you can perform the same thing by walking.

Strengthening workout exercises to burn 500 calories

Sprints between bodyweight exercises are used in a strengthening workout to help you burn the most calories in 30 minutes. Cross chops are a must-do exercise for this routine. Figure-4 bridges and falling pushups

exercises to burn 500 calories

Crosswise Chops

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding a weighted ball or dumbbells in both hands. Bend your knees and turn your foot to the left, lowering the ball to your left shin. Straighten your leg and pivot to the right, raising the ball above your head. You should be able to accomplish 10 reps on each side.

Falling push-ups exercises to burn 500 calories

These push-ups aren’t the same as regular push-ups. Get into a kneeling position and fall forward onto your hands to do this. You can then return to kneeling by gradually lowering your body into the push-up posture. Rep this set three times for a total of eight repetitions.

exercises to burn 500 calories

Bridges in Figure 4 exercises to burn 500 calories

To perform the exercise, lay down on the floor, flatten your arms against the ground, bend your knees, and place your heels on top of the ball. Cross your left ankle across the top of your right leg and out to the side with your left knee. Raise your hips as high as you can by pressing your left heel into the ball. Hold the position for a few seconds before lowering the body and repeating the process.

Work outside exercises to burn 500 calories:

There’s something tremendously fulfilling about doing hard labor outside. It’s also a fantastic technique to shed pounds. People burn at least 500 calories in an hour when doing heavy lawn work! Similar results can be obtained by raking and bagging fallen leaves for just over an hour. So go ahead and dig, shovel snow, or mow the yard. In more ways than one, the suffering is worthwhile.

exercises to burn 500 calories

Swimming exercises to burn 500 calories

Swimming is the ideal workout for the entire body that does not put any strain on the muscles. Swimming for an hour at a leisurely pace burns roughly 370 calories. Swimming hard can burn between 450 and 500 calories in one hour.

exercises to burn 500 calories

Punching bag exercises to burn 500 calories:

Burn 500 calories while releasing rage by punching a punching bag for 70 minutes. It will also help you feel better.

keep doing exercise and the best key is to keep motivated and not lose hope.

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