Know How Durga Puja 2020 differ from every years

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Kolkata’s oldest world-famous Durga puja is under threat due to Corona epidemic. Pooja committees may not enjoy the sponsorship this year due to lack of sponsor. The big committees of Kolkata are having the most trouble because the cost of organizing their pujas is the highest, which is met by corporate sponsorship.

Durga puja 2020

Durga puja commitee views on puja 2020

Somnath Das, general secretary of Santoshpur Lake Palli, one of the biggest Durga Puja organizers, said – “This year the condition of corporate sponsorship is very bad. This year, companies who are enthusiastic about advertising as hoarding-banners are silent this time. 80 percent of the worship is met by corporate sponsorship but in the current situation we are expecting only 30 percent corporate sponsorship. Because of this, we have had to halve the Puja budget.

kolkata puja pandal

The companies that have been providing sponsorship for years, have raised their hands this year citing business slowdown due to Corona. As a result, most of the committees have had to reduce their worship budget by less than 50 %.

Many worship committees are worshiping with the remaining amount of last year. This year, there is no hope of collecting more money than asking for donations from house to house. Because the economic situation of common people in lockdown has already deteriorated. In such a situation, the office bearers and members of the worship committees may have to spend more money from their pocket.

Sabyasachi Rai, treasurer of Howrah Salkia’s chief Durga puja organizer, said, “Our corporate sponsorship is still zero.” Companies are not willing to spend money this year. People are also negative about offering puja donations.

Our worship comes from corporate sponsorship of 25 percent of the budget. Last year our Pooja budget was around eight lakh rupees, which this year we have to do one lakh rupees, which also seems difficult according to the time. Whereas two to two and a half lakh rupees were received from corporate sponsorship every year.

durga puja kolkata 2020

Shashwat Bose, Secretary of the Forum of Durgotsav, an organization of worship committees, is still positive about corporate sponsorship. He said – ‘It is true that corporate sponsors are less this time but till a month ago the kind of situation was not there anyway.

There has been a backlash from companies for sponsorship. We hope that even if there is not 100 percent, then 70 percent will get corporate sponsorship. One reason for this is that the condition of consumer goods and firms is good in the lockdown, so they will come forward for sponsorship. Apart from this, many such companies also for sponsorship

During the Corona transition, the color of many festivals has faded this time. Corona effect is also seen on Durga Puja. Several states have issued guidelines regarding celebrating Durga Puja. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has advised caution about the festivals being celebrated during Kovid-19.

Along with this, a guideline has been released regarding worship. In West Bengal, masks and social distancing have been made mandatory in the pandal. At the same time, there is a ban on the Navratri festival in Gujarat.

Durga Puja Dates this Year 2020

DATES 12:51 pm

Public program of Durga Puja stopped in UP

During the Durga Puja in Uttar Pradesh, instructions have been given to maintain complete vigil in the Kovid-19 epidemic. Officials said that people will be informed about the Kovid-19 protocol, along with the monitoring Gord has been told to remain alert. This time a consultation will be issued for organizing Durga Puja. People will not be allowed to gather. However, the rest of the program of worship will be organized by law.

Conditional permission for Ramlila

On the question whether this time Ramlila will be organized, the official said that permission will be given for this as per rules so that the crowd does not get gathered. Ramlila should be organized and broadcast digitally. Ramlila will be celebrates with following the rules of social distance. The Chief Minister had clearly stated that this time no public event will be organized on the festivals. Although people able to celebrate PUJA AT their homes.

Kolkata will be organized amidst adequate security

Durga Puja Maa Durga

Guidelines for Durga Puja have been released in West Bengal. Pooja committees have to take care of themselves and the safety of visiting visitors. The guideline says that Durga Puja should be organized in a big pandal. Also the pandals should be open from all directions. Masks and social distancing are mandatory for those coming to the pandal.

Arrangements should be made to give masks to those who do not wear masks. Hand sanitizers will also be made available in the pandal premises. Volunteer must be wearing face mask and face shield. Anjali, Prasad Distribution, Sindoor Khela will have to be done according to the rules. No cultural program will be allowed inside or near the puja pandal. Their arrival time should be within 10 am to 3 pm.

Ban on public events in Gujarat

At the same time, the Gujarat government has banned public events of Navratri festival there. After this decision of the government, the big garba organizers have also refused to organize the garba. People can be organized Durga Puja in their homes or small societies. However, it will be important to take care of social distancing during this period.

This time a small statue will be built in Jharkhand

durga idol during durga puja2020

Social distancing will be completely followed during the puja. In the city committees, it has been suggested to make the statue of mother in small format and consensus has been reached. During all the committee puja, proper use of sanitizer and mask was requested.

No permission to build pandal in Patna

According to the central government’s guideline, the district administration has refused to build pandals, install statues and hold a fair in Durgapuja. According to the guideline, up to 100 people have been allowed to gather in the pandal at any event. If a fair is organized and pandals are made it will be difficult to follow

Strict action will be taken against violation of guideline in Odisha

puja pandal

Has issued guidelines for Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Lakshmi Puja. According to the new guidelines, the presence of more than seven people at a time in the pandal is forbidden. Apart from this, no immersion procession will be allowed. Strict action will be taken for violation of rules.

Garba and Dandiya not allowed in Maharashtra

According to the guidelines issued by the Maharashtra government, people can celebrate Durga Puja in homes. Pandals can also be built, but the height of the idols in the houses should be up to 2 feet. Also, the height of the idols in the pandals should not be more than 4 feet. Collective events like Garba and Dandiya are not allowed. Protocol issued by Kovid-19 will have to be strictly followed.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (CM Mamata Banerjee), along with Durga Puja Committees, held an administrative and coordination meeting at the Netaji Indoor Stadium and issued several guidelines for Pooja’s concessions. The Chief Minister announced financial assistance of 50 thousand rupees to each Durga Puja Committee.

There are about 37 thousand worship organizers in the state, except for the puja events of the houses. Of these, 34,747 pooja events are held in the state police area and 2509 in Kolkata police area. There are 1706 Puja events which are entirely supervised by women.

Kolkata Durga Puja Guidelines

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee released a guideline regarding the organization of the puja for the worship committees. The Chief Minister said that the pavilion will have to be kept open. If the roof of the pavilion is covered, the pavilion will be open from all sides. If there is a chance of closing around, then the roof should be open.

Pooja organizers were also asked to ensure physical distance among the people who visited the puja. It is compulsory to make masks from the pavilions half a kilometer away from the pavilions, to ensure rounding, to ensure barricades.

Kolkata durga puja guideline

Also, people entering the pavilion will have to clean their hands with sanitizer, it has also been suggested to provide face shield to volunteers. Anjali, Prasad Distribution and Sindoor played, will have to be done according to the fixed time and slot. This time Mamta Banerjee urged clubs not to do cultural programs under worship. He advised to make the inauguration of the Puja at a small level, if possible.

The Chief Minister instructed to complete the timings for the Pujari Committees to watch and offer prizes from 10 am to 3 pm. Also, no more than 2 trains are allowed to enter the pavilion premises. He instructed the police to do immersion not on a single day, on different days, to ensure lighting and sanitizing arrangements in the ghats.

The online facility ‘Sahajan’ will be launched from October 2 to allow the worship. The Chief Minister clarified that this time Pooja Carnival will not be organized on Red Road. According to the Chief Minister, organizing Carnival will be a risky step.

Devi Durga in Kanya puja 2020

Apart from this, the Chief Minister also announced a 50 percent rebate in the electricity bill of CESC and State Power Distribution Company. Apart from this, taxes were also directed not to be collected by the Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Panchayat. The fire brigade also will not take any charge this time.

Durga Puja celebration 2020

On the occasion of Durga Puja, it was announced to increase the salary of Asha workers by 1000 rupees from the month of October under the government gifts. A hike of Rs 1000 has also been announced in the salary of Civic volunteers and Green Police.

The Chief Minister announced a grant of Rs 3 lakh for the retirement of Anganwadi workers. Referring to the condition of the hawkers, the Chief Minister said that he has not been able to earn for a long time due to Corona. Therefore, Rs.2000 will be given to every hawker family in the puja. The Chief Minister has a list of about 81 thousand such hawkers in the state.

During this, the Chief Minister also inaugurated the fire brigade upgrade at a cost of Rs 18 crore. Under this, many modern measures for fire fighting have been adopted by the fire department. On this occasion, Ms. Banerjee handed over her monthly certificate of 1000 rupees allowance to some Sanatani priests.

A check of Rs 5 crore for the upliftment of Dalit literature to the entertainment businessman, chairman of the Dalit Academy, a check of Rs 5 crore to Vivek Gupta for the Hindi Sahitya Academy and 3.75 for the development of the civil and infrastructure of Islamia Hospital. Crores of rupees were handed over to Czech ministers Firhad Hakim and Javed Khan.

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