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Ever dreamed of discovering the untold treasures of India? Our beautiful country, with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is a traveller’s paradise waiting to be explored. Ekom Sarovar Vacations Pvt Ltd are eager to bring those dreams to life.

They invite you to embark on a journey across the country, igniting a spirit of adventure and uncovering the boundless beauty and marvels India has to offer.

Dynamic Leadership Driving Your Travel Experience

At the helm of Ekom Sarovar Vacations are Amisha Kukreja and Mahesh Hasija, an accomplished duo with a wealth of experience. With 25 years in the vacation industry and training from ITTC Delhi Tour & Travels courses bring unrivaled expertise.

Mahesh, a successful partner in various hotel chains, brings sharp business acumen and broad industry knowledge. Together, they ensure Ekom Sarovar Vacations delivers a travel experience that sets the bar high.

Reviving Indian Domestic Tourism

Launched on 28th February 2023, Ekom Sarovar Vacations aims to reignite domestic travel and contribute to India’s socio-economic growth. They are dedicated to creating a lasting impact on the nation’s travel landscape by setting new benchmarks for excellence and transforming how travelers explore India’s wonders.

Ekom Sarovar Vacations focuses on the unique 3-E Concept:

  • environment
  • ecology, and
  • Economy.

This commitment is reflected in their business practices and offerings:

Environment: Ekom Sarovar Vacations promotes sustainable practices, emphasizing waste minimization, energy conservation, and utilization of eco-friendly materials. They encourage their guests to engage in eco-friendly activities and adopt responsible behaviors towards the environment.

Ecology: The company is determined to safeguard natural habitats surrounding their properties, endorse local conservation initiatives, uphold biodiversity, and ensure harmony with ecosystems. Guests are enlightened on ecological preservation and given chances to interact with nature.

economics: In line with supporting local economies, Ekom Sarovar Vacations generates jobs, procures from local vendors, and endorses local tourism experiences. This contributes to community well-being and provides guests with authentic cultural encounters.

Through their focus on the 3-E Concept, they aim to set a new standard for responsible and sustainable hospitality, ensuring that their guests can enjoy memorable and environmentally conscious vacations.

Inclusive Accommodations and Destinations

Ekom Sarovar Vacations strives to provide accessible accommodations and travel experiences for travelers with disabilities or special needs. By working closely with hotels and attractions, the company ensures that all travelers can enjoy India’s diverse offerings in a comfortable and hassle-free manner.

They also recognize the growing demand for experiential travel, where travelers seek authentic and immersive experiences that allow them to connect with local cultures, traditions, and environments on a deeper level.

Explore India & International with assurance of EKOM SAROVAR VACATIONS CLUB

Explore the world of imagination from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The Indian Explorer created to empower the Indian traveler with instant booking and comprehensive choices, Their travel professional provide personal insights that reflect an individual travel need. Professionals engaged with the Indian explorer are well trained in terms of travel service will assist save your time, answer your questions and help you choose your perfect vacation. You’re guaranteed the highest level of personal service, professional experience and the most competitive prices to be found. Their focus is to enrich lives by providing opportunities to explore the world. Enhance the corporate requirement and improve the service while reducing your travel costs. They manage almost every type of travel needs, from the simplest to the complex, and create an unparalleled experience that customers can rely on.

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Their mission is to offer the best deal to clients with high quality service as mentioned in the brochure and fulfill travel solutions and become the biggest travel agency in India.

Experiential Travel

Understanding the increasing demand for experiential travel, Ekom Sarovar Vacations is committed to crafting unique journeys that transcend regular tourist offerings.

From serene yoga and meditation sessions to holistic Ayurvedic treatments, these healing retreats aim to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Furthermore, the company specializes in arranging expeditions off the beaten path, leading travelers to less-explored destinations for unique experiences.

Ekom Sarovar Vacations specializes in organizing off-the-beaten-path expeditions that take travelers to lesser-known destinations and offer unique experiences. From trekking through remote villages and exploring ancient ruins to participating in traditional ceremonies and witnessing rare wildlife, these bespoke journeys allow travelers to uncover India’s hidden gems away from the tourist crowds.

Ekom Sarovar Vacations actively promotes accessible tourism by raising awareness among industry stakeholders and advocating for improvements in infrastructure and services. Providers are dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusivity within the travel industry, enabling all travelers to explore India’s beauty without limitations.

As the world moves towards a new normal, Ekom Sarovar Vacations is poised to redefine the Indian travel industry. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for discovery, the company promises to deliver unmatched experiences that will leave a lasting impression on travelers.

Travelers can commence their extraordinary journey with Ekom Sarovar Vacations today who will introduce travelers to a multitude of travel experiences waiting to be embarked upon. It’s time to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Let the adventure begin with Ekom Sarovar Vacations

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