The Diners Drive-In is the New Way to Dine

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The Diners Drive-In concept of these recently popularised bio-bubble restaurants is the best bet for satisfying your hunger while also keep you protected from the virus in your car.

Lockdown and Diners Drive-In

Due to the ongoing lockdown, bars and restaurants are no longer receiving sit-down orders and are only accepting takeaway and delivery orders. Many restaurants had already closed on their own prior to the start of these rules. This is how things ended.

As the coronavirus spreads, restaurants across the country are scrambling to react. Restaurant owners’ biggest concern right now, according to them, is more human than commercial. “How can we keep the kitchen fires blazing in the homes of our employees and marginal suppliers with limited cash flows?” is a question that does not have an easy response.

We’ve asked all tax authorities, statutory institutions, and commercial banks for delay and concessions so that our limited funds can be put to better use. We’ve had some success with this. Our landlords have promised to help us in the same way.

However, if the COVID-19 spread is not contained soon and lockdown continues for an extended period, we may not have enough resources to address the problem, despite our good intentions.

The government may be required to assist these individuals with welfare benefits coverage through bodies like ESIC or any other social security plan such as MNREGA, as well as free distribution of essentials.”

Safety assurance by Restaurant owners in Diners Drive-In

The current situation is more about guaranteeing the safety and security of the employees and guests for most restaurateurs. “Because we are social gathering places, we shut down our business well before the Prime Minister mandated it,” says a leading Goa owner. “We have reported a serious financial loss of this, but our safety and security are far more essential to us.”

Right now, it’s not about business; it’s about ensuring the safety and well-being of the workers. Seeing that they have enough money to last a few weeks and that our infrastructure is useful to the nation overall, maybe by feeding people.”

Several restaurants are restructuring their operations and planning menu items that can be easily transported, all while trying to keep profits from melting faster than Ice Cream.

According to a famous restaurant chain Business Owner, “As a company, we are trying to reduce our fixed expenses on all other parameters like rent, etc. in order to hold on to our workforce, so that as and when the business gets going, we are able to offer the same quality our customers were used to before”.

Several businesses have been forced to rethink business operations and embrace the outdoors like never before as a result of the pandemic. In today’s socially isolated world, a new restaurant enables customers to pick up their meals and eat in the luxury of their own cars.

Diners Drive-In through and drive-in restaurants are what they’re called. They’ve developed into social distancing protocols, converting cars into “bio-bubbles” for dining outside. Say goodbye to the fear of eating in a confined, air-conditioned ecosystem: popular restaurants are fast expanding to include drive-through doors across India.

Only about 100 drive-through points operate in India, and drive-in restaurants are quickly expanding that number as Kerala’s KTDC prepared to serve food in parked vehicles.

In an attempt to reduce the health hazards of eating in public locations during COVID-19, the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) has introduced ‘In-Car Dining,’ a service that will allow travelers to stay in their cars while getting meal orders from KTDC’s famous restaurants.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks will be served as Diners Drive-In

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks will be served in compliance with COVID-19 norms, and the concept will be executed at select KTDC restaurants around the state first. The scheme aims to provide clients with unique services by offering them safe and tasty meals.
The KTDC hotel chains will be updated under the project “Mission Facelift,” as per Tourism Minister P. A. Mohamed Riyas. Apart from in-car dining, Kerala is going to launch floating restaurants in a number of locations across the state, the first of that will be in Kadalundi, Kozhikode.

While the trend has been popular in other countries for decades, drive-through and drive-in restaurants are only now acquiring popularity in India. As a result of the pandemic, many well-known food brands have launched drive-through or curbside delivery services at their restaurants, as customers have been afraid to eat in.

Due to increases in coronavirus infections across the country, diners are resorting to their next best option: a drive-through or Diners Drive-In Restaurant, where they can make their order and have it delivered to them inside their vehicle.

And the best part is that you not only get to eat with your loved ones while listening to the music on your car stereo, but you also don’t have to dress up to go to these restaurants. Disposable cutlery will be sent with your favorite recipes, ensuring minimal spillage and ease of use. All you have to do now is a drive, place your order, and eat.

Famous Restaurant Chains Start Diners Drive-In

Last year, a Tata-Starbucks joint venture planned to open about a dozen drive-through shops in India as part of the Covid-19 comeback strategy for hospitality and dining.

In July 2020, the global coffee retailer launched its first Diners Drive-In thru on the Ambala-Chandigarh Expressway. Quick-service restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut aren’t far behind, with more drive-thru locations be sought across the country.

Last year, a Kanpur-based hospitality company turned two of its banquet lawns into a drive-in restaurant, where guests could order food and eat it in their cars, or simply sit outside at picnic tables. Yash and Insha Malhotra, who own several restaurants and hotels in the city, came up with the idea for the Diners Drive-In.

Though the effectiveness of bio-bubbles in the sports and travel sectors is still disputed, they appear to be working well for diners and restaurants.

People will modify their way of life and stay in the situation as the situation evolves.

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