What’s So Trendy About Diamond Bangle Designs in 2020 that Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

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Diamond Bangle Designs in India

Most wanted Indian jewelry is Gold Diamond bangles. The Gold diamond bangles designs is famous among Indian women due to its eye-catching sparking. Diamond Bangle is always famous due to its looks and style symbol.

Diamond Bangle designs

Running diamond Bangle designs

Running diamond bangles are most wanted due to the size and diamonds mounted in close patterns. The diamonds are mounted closed and only front view of bangles looks like diamonds are running in hands like the planets are revolve around the sun. Running Diamond bagles are start with range from 3.00 lakhs to 10 lakhs (INR) containing 18 kt Gold weight aprox 32 to 45 gms according to the size of hands and diamonds.

Running diamond Bangles design

Cluster Diamond Bangle Designs

Cluster Diamond Bangle are the cluster of diamonds connecting with Gold Running Bridge. The Cluster bangles are economic in budget and easily traded among the Indian society. The Gold cluster Bangle are contain with 32 gm to 38 gms 18 kt Gold with cluster of diamonds having a budget started from 1.50 lakh to 4.00 laks depend upon size of hands and quantity , quality and size of diamonds.

Cluster diamond bangles designs

Flower Diamond Running Pacheli Bangles

Flower Daimond Running Bangles or most commonly known as Pacheli Diamond Bangle most expensive and most wanted among rich society in Indian. Its containing aprox 50 to 80 gms 18 kt Gold with diamonds are collect as close setting like a flower bukey in running style. Its started from 6 lakhs to 15 lakhs INR among the Indian buyers. Most commonly it is used in high society with its high value and mesmerising looks and also reflect the status symbol in high society in India.

Pacheli Diamond Bangle designs

Know your Bangle size rightly!

The following chart will help you to find out your bangle size. Measure your hand, you will need a
measuring tape. Bring your thumb and little finger together and measure were your hand is the widest
as shown in the picture.

bangle size
wrist bangle size

Bangle Size Chart

Bangle Size (Indian)Diameter
Bangle size bangleInchesMM
Bangle Size (Indian)Circumference
Hand sizeInchesMM

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