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The year 2020, gave us a lot of time to re-evaluate our options and think about what we put inside and on our bodies. People are looking at things in a new light, they have a better outlook on skincare products which is necessary because it’s high time that each one of us starts caring for ourselves too. They are looking at the ingredients, researching various products and looking for the best option available.

The skincare industry is ever-evolving and there are new trends that we see every day. Prior to the pandemic, people were more focused on applying products to their skin without much research. But now, consumers are trying to be well-versed about the ingredient/product before using any of it. This has got a lot to do with the fact that we all are inside our homes at all times and taking care of ourselves because why not?

People are easily influenced by social media and the skincare industry has understood this change. There is an increase in the skincare influencers who teach people about the basics of the skin and how to take care of it.

There are numerous skincare influencers who are trying their best to bust the skincare myths that are embedded in the mind of an Indian consumer. Sreeja(Skinoreal), is one such blogger whose aim is to educate people about skincare and bust the myths revolving around it. She believes simplifying one’s skincare and understanding your skin needs is better for your skin rather than following the skin trends.

Skincare is trending right now because the pandemic caused people to leave their makeup behind and embrace their natural skin. “There was a focus shift, instead of concealing skin issues with makeup, people wanted to solve it using skincare,” says Sreeja.

“Indian beauty has a history of DIY remedies and anti-ageing massages based on ayurvedic principles which sort of fuels chemophobia and ‘natural is a safer approach,” says Sreeja about the fear-mongering regarding “chemical” skincare. She shares an experience of her friend who tried to use DIY recipes to treat her post-inflammatory acne marks and ended up using DIY Vitamin C which led to even severe problems such as compromised skin and acne issues. She believes that people tend to follow the DIY trends because people believe they are easily accessible and inexpensive quick fixes rather than treating the concerned area.

The skincare game is changing in India as influencers who are engaging with their audience and creating a connection with them have the power to influence the buying choices of a consumer. Brands are taking notice of this change in the skincare industry and are trying their best to educate the consumers and targeting the influencers to promote their products. There are many brands that aim at educating people about the actives they are putting in their products.

There is a shift in the skincare world from physical exfoliators to chemical exfoliators, from face washes that give you squeaky clean skin to hydrating facial cleansers, from sunscreen on the beach to reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours and from DIY spot treatment to acne patches. This change is because people are learning to be gentler with their skin and loving themselves.

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