Builder.AI’s futuristic aim is to expand its global footprint in India

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New Delhi (India), February 8: “Everyone’s business is unique, and everyone’s ideas unique, whether it’s regional or the size of the company” says Sachin Dev Duggal. He continued with his words, what’s universal is people are trying to unlock their potential, right? What’s universal is they know it’s software, but 20% of everything that someone’s doing is unique to them. And that’s where we bring in this expert network from around the world which works at the top of the assembly line to give everyone a really tailored experience for what their application needs.

From the grocery store to the manufacturing floor, ideas are what fuel innovation. For these concepts to remain current, they must be digital. But a lot of individuals feel that it is out of their grasp, which is where Sachin Duggal’s Builder.AI comes in useful. Building readily customizable, cheap software for your company might make you feel more confident about becoming digital or remaining untechnical.

Sachin Dev Duggal construes the story of his journey of creating and from where he gets the idea of this innovative expert network and says, “I started a cloud computing company as soon as I came out of school, quit my job, where I was building a photo sharing app and got really rogered by a developer. And I thought to myself, I went to Imperial, did engineering. If it’s so hard for me to get software built, gosh, it must be so difficult for the little bakery down the road. And that’s really when we started this six years ago. Just over six years ago”.

Building up the rungs of success is of Sachin Duggal, which has an organization with 800 employees worldwide. This professional network has its roots in India and has since expanded internationally, Sachin Duggal’s admiration for India is exceptional. He says, “we’re really looking to expand our India footprint like we’re expanding the global footprint”.

Adding to his words on the story of India, Sachin Dev Duggal stated “India is no longer a place where you go for an economic advantage. India is a place you go because what you’re trying to drive is diverse thinking, creative thought, you’re getting the right skill set. If you take the best skill sets available in India from a price perspective, it’s on par with the UK or Europe. And that’s fine, because I don’t think the India story anymore is get it cheaper. I think the India story now is get it better”.

Builder.AI was manifested 6 years ago in India to help people find out their issues regarding businesses and get it resolved easily. In today’s world people do not know what they want but they can explain the problems they are facing. And this is where 80% of software projects fail because providers only ask customers about their needs and not their issues. The key point of this expert network of is rely on what Sachin Dev Duggal says, “Customers usually say, my idea is like this, or the problem I’m trying to solve is like this, or here are the three or four things that I really want. And they’re very good on the detail, but they’re not necessarily completely aware of the macro, what they want. And I think that’s what we’re starting to see, especially with this new kind of customer who just wants it to work and not have to figure out how to make it work”.

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