Bombay Shaving Company 6-in-1 Complete Beard Care Kit for Cleansing, Growth, Conditioning & Styling | Gift Kit Including Nourishing Oil+Wax+Serum+Butter | Made in India

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Price: ₹ 995.00 - ₹ 549.00
(as of Mar 22,2023 22:14:55 UTC – Details)

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Good things come in small packages. Especially our beard care starter kit. These pocket-friendly beard grooming essentials are just what you need to kick-start your beard care routine. From natural beard oils to a moustache wax this kit contains everything you need to care for your facial hair and to maintain any kind of beard style. Wood scented with beard growth oil 8ml, beard butter 15gm, stubble oil 8ml, moustache wax 15gm, beard shampoo 20ml and beard serum 8ml. Beard butter is invasive of foul, stringy hair and thickens the volume of beard. Cedarwood Beard oil ingeniously, naturally provokes hair health and lustre. Beard serum stimulates the tips and titillates the roots for a more pervasive growth and subtle shine

A luxurious six-step beard care regime for your man mane. Beard Shampoo & Conditioner: Cleans out the dirt and clogged pores and moisturises. Beard Serum: Detangles knots and softens your hair.
Cedarwood Beard Oil: Nourishes your stubble. Beard Growth Oil: For a thick and even beard. Beard Butter: Tames your beard and helps you get rid of any dryness or itchiness. Moustache Wax: Helps you set your beard and step out in style.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS & PREMIUM FRAGRANCES – Specially formulated with the finest ingredients and fragrances to keep your facial hair looking, smelling and feeling fantastic. NO SIDE-EFFECTS – Products that are gentle on your skin and beard and have no side effects or adverse reactions.
PERFECT GIFT – Comes in a well-crafted, premium gift box that makes it the perfect gift for a bearded gentleman. Made from 100% natural superfoods. Our products are Silicone, Paraben, Sulphate & Animal Cruelty-Free.

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