Secret Things You Didn’t Know About BITCOIN cryptocurrency in 2020

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What is Bitcoin cryptocurrency Means?

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

The most talked-about currency at the moment is Bitcoin. It is a form of digital currency. In simple terms, it is a mathematical structure that runs on algorithms. There is no concrete evidence as to who developed it. But its founder’s pseudonym is considered to be ‘Sotshi Nakamoto’.Just as rupees, dollars, and euros are bought, so is Bitcoin. In addition to online payments, it is also converted into traditional currencies.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency. It is to be used like other currencies like “Dollar“, “Rupee”, or “Pound”. In addition to online payments, it can also be exchanged for dollars and other currencies.

This currency was introduced as Bitcoin in the year 2009. Today it is being used for global payments. There are also exchanges for buying and selling it. Big businessmen from all over the world and many big companies in financial transactions

The world’s most expensive currency Bitcoin has become the most expensive currency in the world. At present, the online or market price of a bitcoin is more than Rs 2.69 lakh. Transactions without bank can be done with this currency through computer networks. However, this currency is also kept in a digital wallet.

How does Bitcoin Cryptocurrency works?

Bitcoin works

It is a kind of digital currency and an independent currency. It is not the right of any institution or country. Its owner cannot physically buy things. But can only use Bitcoin online. Once acquired, the authorities can use it only for online shopping or transfer.

You can install Bitcoin as a Bitcoin Wallet on your computer or mobile phone. This will create your first Bitcoin address and you can create more than one address if needed. Now you can give your bitcoin address to your friends. You can then charge them or pay them.

How did Bitcoin Mining work?

It is produced independently by the computer processing system. Known as “Mining”. Miners complete a variety of transactions using special types of hardware and secure the network in exchange for new bitcoins that miners receive.

How do you buy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?

Buy Cryptocurrency

It is bought in the same way that rupee, dollar, and euro are bought. In addition to online payments, it is also converted into traditional currencies. There are also exchanges for buying and selling it, but it has no formal form.

While Goldman Sachs and even the New York Stock Exchange have praised it as extremely fast and efficient technology. So businessmen and many companies around the world are using it a lot for financial transactions.

Origin of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

There is no concrete evidence as to who developed it. But its believed to be Sotshi Nakamoto. It was started on January 3, 2009. It is the world’s first fully open payment system. At present, there are more than 1 crore bitcoins in the world, the value of which is 55 thousand crore rupees.

Who is using Bitcoin?

The world’s first open payment network Bitcoin is under discussion. Because it is considered to be the fastest and most efficient for financial transactions. Hence it is also called a virtual currency.

In fact, it is a new technology that can be used for global payments. Thousands of companies, people, and non-profit organizations have adopted the Global Bitcoin system. However, this currency is traded, created and controlled by other Bitcoin users

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency does not trade under any Regulation, Exchange or Institution

Bitcoin India

It is not controlled by any entity. This means that it has not governed by any authority like the government or the bank. They can be used or purchased by anyone. Since their trade cannot be stopped. No bank or Authorization cannot prevent you from sending your Bitcoins to anyone else via the Internet. But the dilemma is that if you are cheated, you can’t complain to anyone.

What is Bitcoin Blocks ?

The distribution limit of Bitcoins worldwide is only 210,000,000. It means that a total of 210,000,000 Bitcoins will be created worldwide. After which its production will stop.

There are also some basic processes that complicate it and the authorized person needs to have the technical knowledge to understand it.

As already mentioned, it is a pseudo currency that gained a lot of popularity in 2013. Created a stir in the international market. In fact, it comes into existence three years ago, has become the most expensive currency in the world.

Bitcoin sale online?

At the moment a bitcoin can be sold online or in the market for around Rs 790676. Its value depends on the coordination between its demand and supply. The price the buyer is willing to pay. Its price varies from country to country. Since it is in vogue in the world market, its price varies according to the demand in each country. At the moment the purchase price of a bitcoin is Rs. 790676 whereas in the US the price of a bitcoin is $ 604.

currency trading

How Bitcoin Trading Works?

According to Jupiter Research, The number of businessmen using digital currency Bitcoin is around 30 lakh. This number may reach 50 lakh by 2019.

You do not have to work hard to acquire it. You can earn digital money through various methods like mining (a special software called Bitcoin maker can be used to structure Bitcoin). The software is called (Bitcoin Miner). This software will secure a place for you in the Bitcoin network.

How has Bitcoin Transaction done?

Transactions will be done through computer networks without any medium. Whereas, this digital currency is kept in a digital wallet. Bitcoin is also called cryptocurrency. While this currency is created by complex computer algorithms and computer power which is called mining.

It can also be earned as a salary by offering its services to someone. You can also exchange it for real currencies such as dollars and euros if you wish.

Where Bitcoin can be used?

Like ordinary currency, it can be easily spent. You can also use it to buy goods, donate to some NGOs, or send them to someone else. WikiLeaks, P2P Foundation,, and Bitcoin. Travel are the ones that accept it.

Recently, hackers who created the ransomware virus that terrorized the world have demanded its currency as a ransom.

Is Bitcoin Investment is legal in India?

illegal or safe

In India, the Reserve Bank of India is preventing people from investing in this currency but still, people are investing in it in large numbers. It is known that the Reserve Bank of India has already declared any kind of investment in this currency as illegal. It has also advised the people to stay away from this currency as this currency, the Banking Regulation Act. , Does not even follow the rules of 1934

How Computer Works on Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?

This is a new currency secured by encryption for reciprocal payments on the mass computer network. This currency made from the numeric system is kept in the numeric purse itself. It was launched on January 3, 2009. It is the world’s first fully open payment system. There are over 10 million bitcoins worldwide. This is a virtual currency, virtual means that it has no physical form like other currencies it is a digital currency. It is a currency that you can neither see nor touch. It is only stored electronically. If one has Bitcoin then he can buy goods just like common currency.

Bitcoin accepted and popular in the world

India virtual currency

It is currently becoming quite popular in the world. It was invented by an engineer named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and was released in 2009 as open-source software. At present, people are buying it at a lower price and selling it at a higher price.

Bitcoin with Debit/ Credit Card

Paying with a common debit/credit card costs about two to three percent of the transaction fee, but that is not the case with it. There is no extra charge in its transaction, which is also why it is becoming popular.

Also, it is safe and fast which is encouraging people to accept it. Unlike any other credit card, it has no credit limit and no cash flow. Every transaction in the entire Bitcoin network can be traced without revealing the identity of the buyer. It is absolutely safe and super fast and it works anywhere in the world and it has no limits.

Where Bitcoin is accepted?

There are hundreds of thousands of websites that are accepting it. You can also pay for plane tickets, hotel rooms, electronics, cars, coffee, and anything else. Every year from $ 1 to a million dollars go around the world.

Anyway, we resort to banks and many companies to make money. All these companies take extra money to deliver the money we send to our people and we have to rely on them. Western Union, MoneyGram, and other companies like them need help but no approval is required to avail of this facility.

Benefits of Bitcoin

Even today many people do not have a banking facility, but the number of people who have cell phones with the internet is high and it cannot do business through the internet. But now it can do so because of it. It is not owned by any particular government or company.

There is no centralized controlling authority on Bitcoin currency. It is quite famous today. It gets power from thousands of people who have special computers that power the network, secure exchanges on the net, and check transactions. This is called mining.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Virtual Currency Returns

If you had invested Rs 100 in it 9 years ago, you would own Rs 7.5 crore today. In 2009, investments in Bitcoin increased nearly seven and a half million times. When this currency came into circulation in 2009, the price of a bitcoin was about 36 paise. The price of a bitcoin has crossed 4 4000, i.e. around Rs. 2.70 lakhs. The world’s most expensive currency hit a record high of 42 4,200 on Monday.

Bitcoin Investment Returns

Bitcoin prices have risen by 300 percent this year so far this year. Earlier this year, a bitcoin cost less than US 1000 1,000. In the month of August alone, the price of Bitcoin has soared by about 47%. According to Anuj Gupta, Deputy Vice President (Commodities & Currency), Angel Broking, the software associated with it has been upgraded.

It is believed that this will increase the speed of transactions in Bitcoin currency. In addition, rising tensions between North Korea and the United States have led to increased safe investments in it.

Bitcoin and Gold which is best?

crypto increase

Apart from gold, global investors are also increasing their investments in it. Goldman Sachs, a U.S. investment bank, said in a recent note that cryptocurrencies have great potential for growth and would be difficult to ignore.

Bitcoin is widely used in Illicit trades

It is widely used in illicit trades is widely used in black money. Hawala, drug dealing, tax evasion, and terrorist activities. The increasing use of it has put security agencies to sleep in countries around the world. This virtual currency has not been legally recognized by the Reserve Bank of India or any other regulator. But Bitcoin transactions are also happening in the country.

Bitcoin and Online Transactions

At present, the central government is not in a position to ban online transactions of virtual currencies like Bitcoin. In this case, discussions have taken place several times within the government.

It is not possible to control the online buying and selling of such currency. However, the government has not yet taken a final decision on this. There are more than 90 virtual currencies in circulation in the world.

Dollar Currency
What is the future of Cryptocurrency?

American investment bank Goldman Sachs said in a note sent to its customers last week that cryptocurrency cannot be ignored. It has strong growth potential. According to Amit Bhardwaj, operator of Mcap Cryptocurrency, which is involved in early trading in cryptocurrencies in India, the future of cryptocurrency is much better.

If you have missed out on investing in it then there are many more options to invest in cryptocurrencies in the market. For example, the current price of mcap is close to dollar 2 and the current price of eutherium cryptocurrency is 300 300. According to experts, the price of Mcap cryptocurrency is likely to cross 50 50 this year.

The conclusion is a favorite investment with a good return in 2020.

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