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Consulting is a hard nut to crack, but for people who keep at it with utmost focus and dedication, there are endless possibilities of what you can achieve. One such entrepreneur who’s making quite an impact with his vision and execution is Divesh, founder and owner of The Next Consultants.

Launched in October 2019, The Next Consultants is an information security consulting firm that highlights how real-time security works and provides services related to consulting, information security, and training people coming from different sectors so that they gain a competitive edge over others. The Next Consultants stands tall amid cutthroat competition in the market, thanks to its superior service quality, affordable pricing and unique strategies.

Interestingly, the company offers one-on-one online training on security at a budget-friendly cost. The aim isn’t to mint money and earn profits, but to “build consultants from our brand.” Close to 600 students have been trained so far, within a span of two years. These include bachelors and masters graduates and students who are already professionals in this industry.

How the story unfolds

With a background in cyber security and backed by the valuable experience of working as a consultant in multiple MNC’s & startups, Divesh had developed a fair understanding of what clients really wanted. Besides getting security compliance, they wanted clarity about security and were eager to adopt measures that would improve the structure and outlook of their organizations in terms of information security. All they needed was the right kind of guidance. And that’s where consulting comes into the picture. Divesh realized the immense scope and opportunity lying ahead of him.

He explains “The consultants available in the market lack adequate knowledge & skill set to help clients. They usually follow a standard process for all customers, when ideally things should be handled on a case-by-case basis, pertaining to customer requirements & business goals.” This lack of quality security service in the market motivated him to launch his own startup that would address these concerns. Divesh further adds “Instead of just pitching a standard plan to customers in the name of security, it’s better to understand what they really need.”

Guiding through the tricky terrain of security consulting

The Next Consultants is a leading consulting firm that looks into information security, quality standards, product consulting, product management consulting, vendors risk management services and all kinds of security. The focus is on building a brand that can provide a level playing field to the small and big players in the market across several domains, such as logistics, insurance sectors or pharma verticals. Divesh points out “We’re working on an AI-based product, trying to build something which can help in future with maintaining compliances, with regard to security parameters, quality parameters, and company’s health parameters.

The dynamic entrepreneur urges his potential clients to get registered with The Next Consultants so that the startup can take over all their worries regarding security and compliance. Here he mentions “We work around a list of multiple standards and predefined protocols and then brainstorm around those to come up with solutions most appropriate for each client.” The consulting firm comes up with efficient ways in which data can be fetched and secured through their environment, outside their environment, or through vendors.

The Next Consultants expertise in vendor risk management, where they have developed their own updated and advanced framework for vendor management using multiple methodologies and traditional approaches. They have deployed the framework successfully for most of their clients. The USP of the framework is that most of the tasks are automated and the client can manage vendor related risks without any worry.

Journey till here & from here

While the training is available only online, you can avail consulting in both online and offline mode. Instead of following a predefined checklist, the startup customizes its protocol based on what’s applicable for a particular company. Having served more than 30 customers all over India and abroad, The Next Consultants is making significant headway in the right direction.

Divesh wants to focus on building and launching two products in coming years. These would cater to compliance and third-party risk assessment. This would certainly ease out the whole process and fill up the gaps where usually manual techniques take more time.

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