Best Vastu colors for your Home

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According to Vastu, the Best Vastu colors for your home are

Who doesn’t want a soft pastel blue wall with a splash of pink?

As per Best Vastu colors for perfect Home. We usually choose our favorite colors for our home since they define our personality and vibe. What makes it look artistic and eye-pleasing is how the colors are chosen in accordance with the interior decoration.

However, it’s difficult to determine advance if the paint on the walls has a big impact on the house’s vibrations and mood. Colors, it turns out, are important in balancing the mind and body, according to Vastu. Colors have the capacity to repair or damage people’s health.

There are a few colors that should be avoided at all costs, and others that should be used for the best of luck. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best color combinations for your home, as per Vastu.

The colors in a home have a significant effect on the people who live there. We get expert advice on picking the right colors for the various rooms in your house according to on Vastu.

Colors have been shown to have a significant psychological effect on people. A person’s home is where they spend a good deal of time.

Since various shades trigger various emotions in people, it’s crucial to have a good color balance in one’s home to wake up and live a healthy life. Here is a full explanation of how to choose wall colors as per Vastu and other things to bear in mind when doing so:

Although each direction has its own colour, it may not always suit the owner. As a result, home owners should follow Vastu Shastra’s general colour rules, including the following key points:

  • North-east-Light blue,
  • East-White, light blue
  • South-east-Orange, pink, silver
  • North-Green, pista green
  • North-west-Light grey, white, cream
  • West-Blue, white
  • South-west- Peach, mud colour or light brown
  • South-Red and yellow

Which color is Best Vastu Colors for home as per Vastu?

Wall colour guidelines as per Vastu

  • Home exterior-Yellowish-white, off-white, light mauve
  • Main door/entrance-White, silver or wood colours
  • Study room-Light green, blue, cream or white
  • Balcony/veranda- Blue, cream, light tones of pink and green

Wall colour guidelines as per VastuColors should be chosen for each region of your site depends on its energy requirements, size, and direction, according to experts. Your home section’s colour needs should be based on its planned use. “People living in a home should keep the following points in mind while coloring the rooms,” advises by Experts.

Best Vastu Colors for Living room

Your home is the centre of all energies. It should always have a relaxing and relaxing vibe to it. White, beautiful yellow, calming green, or blue are all great options. However, stay away from any eye colours that are extremely dark or too brilliant.

The energies entering your home will be changed if you keep the living room bright and pastel coloured.
The hall should ideally face north-east or north-west, and should therefore be painted yellow or white.

Best Vastu Colors for Dining Room

This is where we spend time with our families and cook healthy food. Warm tones such as peach, yellow, light orange colors, and even blue can be used. As per Vastu, colours that are fundamentally opposed to each other, such as black and white, should be avoided.

Best Vastu Colors for Kitchen

Shades of orange, yellow, and even light red should be used in the kitchen to honour the God of Fire. Bright colors will keep the vibrations and the attitude of the person preparing the food in check.

For the kitchen, though, consider using too bright or dark colours. Blood red, black, grey, brown, and other neutral grey should be avoided.

Since this south-east zone is excellent for kitchens, the walls should be painted in an orange or red colour. The fire element is symbolized by the kitchen. As a result, bright colours would be the best choice.

You can go with yellow. Warm tones, such as pink, convey affection and warmth, while brown, which denotes satisfaction, is also suitable for the kitchen.

If you have kitchen cabinets, lemon yellow, orange, or even green is a good choice because it represents freshness, health, and positivity.

Choose mosaic, marble, or ceramic tiles for the flooring. The floor should be coated in light colours such as beige, white, or light brown. As per Vastu, the ideal kitchen slabs are made of naturally available stones such as granite or quartz. Colors like orange, yellow, and green work well for kitchen cabinets.

Best Vastu Colors for Poja or Prayer Room

White and cream colors should be used in the purest part of your home. Yellow and orange are also great picks since they transmit energy.

Painting one wall a light blue or green colour can help you relax when praying. In this holy place, any lighter and darker colours should be avoided. Red, black, or even a dark wallpaper should be ignored while praying because they will distract you.
This room should face north-east, as per Vastu guidelines for pooja rooms, to get the most light. Yellow is the best colour for this area of your home because it will help with the process. To make this a quiet zone in your home, you should also avoid dark colours in this area.

Best Vastu Colors for Bedroom

This room can be painted in a variety of colours according to on who lives there. For all new couples, light shades of yellow and pink are ideal; they will help you bond more successfully. Soft colors of green and blue, on the other hand, are perfect for the bedroom.

Dark purple and red should be avoided at all costs. If you have high blood pressure or anxiety, stay away from heavy tones of grey and black.

According to Vastu for the bedroom, the master bedroom should face southwest and be painted blue. The bedroom is a place to relax. As a result, it’s important that this space exudes positivity. It’s preferable to keep the space light and airy, with relaxing, easy-on-the-eyes tones.

As per Vastu, a white colour theme with blue doors and furniture is the best combination. Aside from that, any light or pastel colour will look good in the bedroom. Avoid using dark and heavy colours since they can make a room feel dreary.

Best Vastu Colors for Washroom Or Bathroom

Your restroom should not exude any bad or scary feelings. Light colours, such as white, cream, golden brown, or pastel tones, should be used. Dark green, blue, black, or red, on the other hand, will collect the negative energy of your home. Dark colours may make a room appear smaller. As a result, you should prevent without these colours in your collection.
Because the best position for a bathroom is in the north-west, the bathroom should be painted white.

Best Vastu Colors for Guest room/ drawing room: 

Because the greatest location for a guest room/drawing room is in the north-west, a guest room towards this direction should be painted white.

Best Vastu Colors for Kids’ room

The best location for apartments for grown-up children who go out to study is in the north-west. Since the moon rules the north-west direction, children’s rooms facing this direction should be painted white.

Best Vastu Colors for Main door/Entrance

For the front door, use soft colours like white, silver, or wood tones. Avoid dark colours like black, scarlet, or dark blue for the main door, as per Vastu guidelines. Keep in mind that the main entrance gates should always open clockwise and inwards.

Best Vastu Colors for Study Room for Kids

According to Study room Vastu, if you have a home office, choose colours like light green, blue, cream, and white. The use of light colours makes the space appear larger. Dark colours should be avoided because they will make the room feel dreary.

Best Vastu Colors for Balcony/veranda

The balcony should face north or east, according to Vastu rules. For the balcony, use calm colours like blue, cream, and light pink and green tones. This is where the people make contact with the outside world. As a result, dark colours should be avoided at all costs.

Best Vastu Colors for Garage:

The ideal location for a garage, as per Vastu, is on the north-west side. White, yellow, blue, or any other light shade are ideal.

Rooms Colours at glance

  • Master bedroom-Blue-Dark shades of red
  • Guest room-White-Dark shades of red
  • Drawing/living room-White-Dark colours
  • Kid’s room-White-Dark blue and red
  • Kitchen-Orange or red-Dark grey, blue, brown and black
  • Bathroom-White-Dark shades of any colour
  • Hall-Yellow or white-Any colour in deep shade
  • Pooja room-Yellow-Red
  • Home exterior-Yellowish-white, off-white, light mauve-Black
  • Main door/entrance-White, silver or wood colours-Red, deep yellow
  • Study room-Light green, blue, cream or white-Brown, grey
  • Balcony/veranda-Blue, cream, light tones of pink and green-Grey, black
  • Garage-White, yellow, blue-Black, brown

Avoid using such colours on your walls in your home.

Light shades, as according experts, are always a good choice. Dark colours like as red, brown, grey, and black may not be appropriate for everyone because they represent the fiery planets Rahu, Shani, Mars, and the Sun. “Avoid the colours red, deep yellow, and black.

These colours, in general, have a high intensity, which may upset the energy pattern inside your home,” warns Experts. However, if you feel that your home is missing in passion and warmth, you can use red in some areas.

  •  Avoid using a lot of red in the bedroom because it indicates fire energy and can cause temperament issues.
  • Vastu advises homeowners to avoid using too much white in their homes since it encourages egocentrism.
  • Dark colours should also be eliminated in the garage and car parking areas.

Best Vastu Colors as per Vastu

  • Red-Passion, power, emotions, warmth
  • Blue-Beauty, contentment, devotion, truth
  • Green-Growth, healing, fertility, prosperity
  • White-Purity, openness, innocence, luxury
  • Yellow-Optimism, openness, study, intelligence
  • Orange-Determination, goals, good health, comfort
  • Brown-Stability, satisfaction, comfort
  • Purple-Richness, luxury, graciousness, pride

Best Vastu Colors for for the walls according to Vastu

• Pick colours that correspond to your lucky number or planet. When choosing colours for your bedroom, consult a numerologist.
• Because the planet Mercury controls the north, green is the colour of choice. Since Jupiter rules the north-east, colours like yellow should be used for walls in this direction.
• Since the east is ruled by the Sun, orange is the colour of choice for this direction. Similarly, choose the colour red for the south-east direction.
• Shani, or Saturn, controls the west, and grey is the great spot for this corner.

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